the meaning of true love - no, not the romantic kind

So one day, I was feeling "down in the dumps" (how old is that phrase, anyway?) and I started to listen to this amazing song by JJ Heller "What Love Really Means". She describes people who feel like they're not enough because of what they've done, and what they've become. Yeah, I've felt like that several times in my life. Well, it just so happens, that when I was listening to that song, I was crying, because I'd experienced some really bad things with my best friend, and I wasn't sure whether or not she'd love me again. So God reminded me at the second JJ sang "I will love you for you", that a friend loves at all times, and that he'll be be with me no matter how down I'm feeling, and that he'll never leave me, and never forsake me. I just started crying harder and praising God because it kinda felt like everything was cleared up at that moment. 
That very same day, before I listened to JJ's song, my and my friend were talking and I told them what happened and they gave me a hug and said, "Your heart is getting cold, and although it may be temporary, it can borrow heat from my heart." That made me smile, and I'm not sure if someone already came up with that saying (I don't care either way), but it really did help me get through it. 
I explained this to my youth group at church on Sunday, and wow, they really got it! Not much of a verbal response, but they understood what I was saying. 
So the meaning of true love (in my opinion): A friend loves at all times, no matter what happens, and no matter how hard life can be. I love my best friend with all my heart. And we're doing much better now, too! :) 
So, you know, be a good friend today :)



  1. This post is lovely. Again, commenting on old posts, but I enjoy these. They're so . . . real. :]


  2. I've had problems with friends. A lot of problems. And arguments. And there has been times when one of my friends would refuse to talk to me. I'm still having some friend problems. :( But hopefully they'll work out sooner or later.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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