to fuzzy socks, and beyond!

I've pledged to myself that I'll post atleast once a day, because when I usually start a blog, I'm in love with it for a few days, and then I stop posting. I've done that before. It's not fun. So, I've asked God to help me stay dedicated to this blog. And since I'll be here for awhile, I've decided that I'm going to tell you all the things you should know about me, that I couldn't fit in my profile. (Brace yourself. This is loonngggg)

1. I LOVE socks! Especially fuzzy ones, because They keep me warm, and it's a feeling of comfort, and contentment.

2. I love to dream. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, way up high, lie all my hopes and dreams and the special plan God's created for me. It drives me to be who I am. 

3. I have an obsession with crunchy leaves. It makes my day to hear the crumbling sound of what's left of Autumn and Winter under my feet. Yeah...that last sentence sounded weird.

4. Yellow is my favorite color. My bedroom is yellow, and it reminds me of the sunshine that God gives us on each new day. I also love yellow because when the sun sets, it kinda gives off this yellow/orange glow that moves into the skies. Then it does the exact same thing the very next day!! Only our creator could do this :)

5. I'm in LOVE with Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) it's my favorite flower, but ironically, it's a tree. A few years ago before my sister was born I went to Washington D.C., but I left RIGHT before the Cherry Blossom festival. Darn it! But I hope to go back there and make it one day. My mom and I had a funny/painful experience with Cherry Blossoms, and now whenever we go to the store she says "Jocee, is this a Cherry Blossom?" and I'm like, "Nope." and she says, "I tried. I really did."

6. I love beautiful pictures. And lighthouses always kinda give me a sense of hope. Like a calm during the storm. It's hard to describe. If you've seen Thomas Kinkade's gorgeous "Paintings of Light" then you've probably seen that he paints lots of lighthouses. It's something I can't really say in words, but it's engraved in my mind. 
7. I have a mad crush on Peter Pevensie/William Moseley. It all started around July of 2005, or whenever the first few Narnia previews came out. (By the way, I'm a Narnia fanatic, so you have to grit your teeth and bear with me.) But when Prince Caspian came out...ohhhmyyygoooddnesss!!!! He'd grown up! And I couldn't really believe it. And even though all my friends say "it's just a phase Jocelyn, get over it," but I don't know. Besides that, he's different. Like you know, the guys in the movies always sweep you off of your feet. And when I grow up, I want my guy to be like Peter. Or the actual one would be nice, too :P. But it's not my decision, it's in God's hands. But I can dream can't I? Haha. 

8. I LOVE to read. I'll read anything. I get into my books really easily and I usually finish them within a few days. I read "Scarlett" an 800 page sequel to "Gone With the Wind", and now I'm going to read the first book! My mom and I have pledged that we'll both read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy before we die. We still haven't started. I also love to write, and I'm currently writing a story that I hope will be published soon (I just have to finish it first). I love to write music, poems, songs, and I hope to become a Film Composer and a Writer someday. 

And last but most certainly NOT least (because I had to save the best for last and I'm sorry Peter, but you're not my everything) I love God. I have an active relationship with him and I adore him and look to him in all things. No matter what I do his hands are still open to take me in, when I feel wronged, or I've just had a bad day even. You don't have to run to God only when you've done something huge. You can't still run to him if you stole a cookie that was for your sister's birthday. He cares about all the things that you do, and however big, or small they seem, he's always there. 

Anywho, I think we've covered the "beyond" part of this post. I actually started this last night so I could get all the basics covered. Whadaya think? I'd love to hear from ya'll! Have a grreattt day!! And don't forget to eat your breakfast. Seriously. 

P.S. My sister's chewing food and singing about school. She's young. She still likes it. Luckyyy. By the way, I'm looking into getting a new camera, any suggestions? I don't wanna jump into anything a buy another "Evil Little Troll" (my current camera) Thanks! Byee!

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  1. We have more than in common than I ever knew, Jocee! :]


  2. 1. Socks are nice. :)
    2. I love dreaming too. Don't we all? :D
    3. I love Autumn and Winter!
    4. Ooh, yellow's a pretty color. My favorite color is purple, though. Along with blue and coral.
    5. Cherry blossoms are so pretty! I used to love them but now my favorite flowers are bleeding hearts.
    6. Lighthouses are so cool!
    7. Peter's cool. I like Edmund. :)
    8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE reading too. I am such a bookish nerd you wouldn't believe...
    9. Hmm...God...well, I mean, I believe that God created everything and I think he's there, but I don't do church and stuff and I don't not believe in God so not an atheist either...so I dunno.

    Your sister sounds awesome.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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