*clears throat* CUPCAKES YEAH!!!!!!! (in replacement of sam puckett's "fat cakes, YEAH!!!" phrase)

I know I'm late on this. Really late. But who cares!! Meesa made cupcakes for Valentine's Day!!!! Victory!! SHABOOM!! Oh, wow I haven't said "shaboom" in a long time. That used to be my "catchphrase". Moving swifly along, okay, so I made cupcakes!! And I did some really cool tricks with decorating it, and oh my goodness-ness you need to see!!!! So, this is kinda a recipe/tutorial thing, and brace your eyes open if you have to, because this is LONG. Okay, maybe not as long as I thought, but still!!

First, make some cupcakes from a box mix (doesn't sound interesting, but just do it). And please make sure you follow the directions. 
Then, when the cupcakes have cooled (hmm) let your mouth water a little bit, then get out your icing. I used cream cheese icing for this. I recommend it. It's preferred. Wholly and fully. Yeah...uh-huh. Now, before we get into the decorating stage, LOOK AT THIS COOL PICTURE I FOUND!!! 
Doesn't it look so cool!!?? It look like a rose. *Ahem* I think that's what it's supposed to be. Okay, moving swiftly along!
Get out a plate and put two to four dollops (I love that word) of icing on the plate. Get some food coloring of your choice and stir some into the icing. It'll kinda look like a painting pallet, like this: (And I just love this picture, anyway)
(I don't care if it's a cookie, it's a good example) Now, take your cupcakes, and ice them all in the cream cheese (or whatever flavor) icing. Get out some tooth picks, and dip them in the colored icing. Spread them in whatever design you want on the cupcakes, and use multiple colors, too! When you're done, they might look something like this:
What I did was draw lines with the toothpick in one direction, and took a different color of icing, and drew lines in the opposite direction with the toothpick. I think it's cool. And you can put all sorts of sprinkles on top. 

So that's how I made my cupcakes!! And look at this ADORABLE picture!! *Squeals*
Forgive me for my unashamed obsession for cupcakes, but they look sooo gudddd. *licks lips*

Oh, and by the way, before I go, my sister wanted me to show you the cupcake she decorated. She said I'd have to do it, and if I didn't she'd....do....bad things to me...*laughs uncomfortably* AND SHE'S ONLY FIVE?!?!
She even helped take the picture. On pain of death. Oy vey. 
Well, have fun making cupcakes, YEAH!! Sorry, I had the urge to do it :P

-Jocee <3
(Several pictures in this post are the property of other websites. I don't own any of them.)


  1. Oh my goodness, you are hilarious! And that's one spiffy-looking cupcake!!

    ~Lauren :)

  2. Oh so yummy! I'm hungry for cupcakes now... *shakes finger* Shame on you Jocee lol!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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