day 14: a vacation you would like to take

I'm pretty sure, that by now, you'd know where I'd like to go for a vacation. If you don't...then I'll be forced to recap. But, since I really don't want to, I'll just put these destinations in the picture below and you pick the one you think I would go to. 
That's right!! Or wrong, I don't know what you chose. But, I want to go to NARNIA!!!! FOR NARNIA AND FOR ASLAN!!!!! (And Peter Pevensie. *giggles girlishly*) How could I not want to go to Narnia. I love it so much, sometimes I annoy myself. It's happened...strangely, weirdly, interestingly enough. And I'm surprised those are words, too. 

Why I want to visit Narnia, you ask? (Another Yoda-like sentence) Hm...it has a gorgeous high king who currently has no love interests. Yeah, I can deal! Haha. The kings and queens live in a rockin' awesome huge castle, there's a talking lion that won't bite you unless you're evil, or another reason which...only he knows. The animals there talk. Who doesn't want a talking animal? You know how much trouble that would save you? And...it's beautiful. Duh. And it has a random lamppost. Where in the sane universe do we have a random lamppost? Lots of places. Oh...*looks around hoping no one noticed that*. Well, Narnia's random lamppost has the most glory. 
 Yep, so those are my reasons for wanting to go to Narnia. 

Okay, so if you say that "Narnia doesn't count, you can't get there just like...because you want to, you have to go into the special wardrobe, or miss a train...or something", then I have a "real world" choice of vacation.
I've been to Washington D.C. Nice city, they have a really nice IHOP. Moving swiftly along, so I was there in the winter of...way back when, and I LOVED it!! We went to to White House, the Capital, saw former President Bush playing with his dog (from a serious distance), yeah. I loved it. But it didn't snow. Darn. Okay, so we came back home, right when the Cherry Blossom festival began. DANGIT!! *woody from Suite Life on Deck voice* So, if I could go anywhere to vacation, I'd go to Washington D.C, during spring, for the Cherry Blossom festival. Because Sakura is my favorite flower. Okay, it's a tree. But still!! 

So, yeah, that's my choice ;) What was your choice? Let me know!!

-Jocee <3
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  1. Oh my goodness, you saw George Bush playing with his dog?? That's so frikkin snazzy!!!!
    And I completely understand your choosing Narnia. I've found myself thinking "I wish I could go to Narnia" soo many times. That would be so wicked sweet :)

    ~Lauren :)

  2. If you go to Narnia, you need to take me with you. Pleeeeease? ;)

  3. Lauren, it was do cool!! And yes, Narnia is cheesin' awesome!!
    Julia, come with me!! I couldn't say no. But, you should know, Peter is mine ;)
    -Jocee <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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