day 16: a song that makes you cry + a song that makes you laugh/smile/whatever

I had a long rough time trying to figure out what song could make me cry. I can cry easily. I can making myself cry for acting/improv. (And, no, I don't really act, either, I just do it for fun...don't ask) So....hmm...what song could make me cry....ohmylipgloss, I know!! Brace yourself. (And don't cry too hard, because I'm posting a song that makes me laugh next)

Song that makes me cry:
I love that song. I'm not sure why. I start to bawl everytime I hear it. It's such a powerful song by a great artist..and wow.
And NOW!! For the song that makes me laugh/smile/whatever: (And you'll laugh. You better)
"And they said 'Speak Now'" Ohmylipgloss-ness I LOVE that song!! I have Taylor's new album and whenever I hear "Speak Now" I break out into random...(not so random) dance. 

So, what were YOUR choices for your song (s)? TELL ME!! NO!! (sorry, that "no" was my sister. Not kidding) Tell me!! (haha I get the last laugh..hahahahahaha okay)

-Jocee <3


  1. Hi I know That song called Angel is sooo sad!!!! It was played at my Mom's cousin's funeral and it is on a abused animal commercial!!! :(

    Speak Now. By Taylor Swift....I have neeer heard it till now and I love it!!

  2. Ha, both are great choices!! ;D

    ~Lauren :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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