day 19: a talent of yours + the poor hobbitses!!

This'll be fun ;) When I say fun, I mean...ehh...fun for me...now for YOU...not sure. Just pretend you like it and I'll get you a cupcake.
A talent I have...huh...well...let's see...*thinks hard* *mumbles* I need some honey... Moving swiftly along! Okay, I got it! Awhile ago a guest minister came to my church and prophesied to me, saying I'd do great things with my life. Now, who doesn't want to do great things with their life? Don't answer the question. So around a year-ish ago God told my mom to get me back in music. Because I'd taken piano awhile back, but stopped. So she got me back in piano, and later on that summer, a woman started giving me free theory lessons for music composition, because I began to write music. Well, at the end of the summer she gave me a card to a woman who worked downtown at a music school, and I enrolled, and I now want to be a musical composer when I grow up. Sometimes when I hear something I can write it down from what I've heard, and I can write a whole song from....ehh..just about nothing. But, the thing is, I'm more of a movie soundtrack person, so I don't really do that music classical. It's good, I'm not saying it isn't, but it's...nevermind. 

So, let's see. A score I've written. Oh, here's one! "The Deep Magic" (Inspired by Narnia, and the new movie/music Alice in Wonderland)
If you see a name on it that says "Sandra E. Taylor", that's my stage name. I do alot of things under that name. You have no idea. My mom says that when I'm all famous at those silly award shows (yeah, the Oscars are silly) that she wants people to know me by me, Jocee, and Sandra, too. She says as long as she gets to come to my wedding, she's cool. 

So yeah, that's my talent, and if you want to hear some more of my music let me know!!

Now, onto the "Poor Hobbitses" part of this post. It's random, yes, but also cute. Yes, this has to do with Lord of the Rings. 
I just wanna give props to Frodo and Sam, who walked BAREFOOT all the way to Mordor. That's not easy. Not to mention Gollum/Smeagol trying to kill/lead them. Wow, talk about bi-polar. But aren't Frodo and Sam just adorable???
I think their ears are just too cute!! And their feet, when they're not dirty, numb and bruised. Yeah. Nasty Gollumses for trying to hurt the poor hobbitses! Nasty, nasty!! Okay, I'm done. 

What's your talent? Let me know!!



  1. Um, WOW! That is sooo wicked sweet Jocee! What an amazing job you did! I definitely want to hear more! You should do like, music mondays or something, haha :D That is definitely a talent!

    ~Lauren :)

  2. And hey, by the way, I love the music you have at the bottom of your page! I usually have the computer muted, so I hadn't heard it before, but you've got such good taste in music! ;D

  3. What a cool talent! And when you're the next Mozart (of movie soundtracks), I can say, "Hey! I knew her before she was even famous!" :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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