day 27: a physical feature you love

Uh....don't even get me started. 
Physical Feature I love _ _ (pretend the words type themselves like a mystery movie would)
Eyes. Duh _ _
Yuh-huh. And I'm not the only one, either! Remember how I said I always drooled over William Moseley's {geeourrrrggeous aquamarine eyes that spark rebellion; dancing merrily like a schoolboy's or staring eerily like a stone} (yes, that's my lil' ol' catchphrase for his eyes. Don't tell me I'm not good.)
My favorite color of eyes? 
Green. Emerald Green to be exact.
Why? Because they're the most rare natural eye color in the world, and I write ALOT of books, and alot of detail goes into their physical characteristics. Not to mention, THEY'RE GORGEOUS.
This is Charlotte's eye (sorry, I couldn't find the other) from my Narnian fanfiction, Saga of My Heart.  Warning: read if you dare. It's a romance book. Very, romantic, I might add. Not to mention, it's about Peter Pevensie. Yeah...*smiles sheepishly and blushes*
My second favorite eye color?
Blue. More specifically Sapphire or Lightning blue _ _
Remember my little "phrase" about Peter Pevensie's eyes? Okay, so I'm forced to show you again: {geeourrrrggeous aquamarine eyes that spark rebellion; dancing merrily like a schoolboy's or staring eerily like a stone}. Yeah, well, that's partly the reason why I love blue eyes. 
One, they make me melt.
Two, inside of being so typically blue, sometimes that can stand out from the crowd. Right? Right.
Three, I love this picture:
My third favorite eye color?
Hazel. With a hint of sage/amber-like brown _ _
I have the best picture EVER to describe these eyes:
Enough said. It's Aslan. NOTHING can beat that. Not even football. Sorry, dad. 
Okay, and this picture too:
Yup, so that's my "eyes" post. I can't believe the challenge is almost over!! I'm going to miss it. Besides that, it's given me a little push to keep blogging everyday ;)

P.S. If cupcakes had eyes, I WOULD BE IN LOVE!!!!!! Oh yeah, and enjoy this pic:
Need to cure your crave for cupcakes? No problem. *pause* Go make some. 

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