of flowers and chocolate....

It's February!! My goodness, I didn't think January would end so fast. I mean, I'm still saying "Happy New Year"! Although it felt like that was a year ago. Can someone explain this to me??
So, as February ensues, so begins the month of flowers and chocolates. I know two people who's birthday is on this special day, and though it's a day of happiness, and love notes, we should take a moment and remember the original Valentine's Holiday. 
Since I haven't made any traditions for this special day, I'm not really sure if I should make some. I might put a special note in a bottle, hoping it might reach the High King of Narnia, but other than that, I'm still thinking of ideas. I'm keeping a journal that will show my events for the next 14 days, and at the very end of that I'm going to read back and see what I wrote. 
I often wonder what people did back in the "olden" days for Valentine's Day. I'm talking Little House On the Prairie times. Did they hold school dances? Did boys and girls kiss in trees? Did the lonely girl sit in a corner and daydream? I'm not sure. But I do know, that today is very different. All the children hold exchanges at their schools, and sometimes, the teenagers have dances. I have half a mind to put on an old vintage dress and waltz around in my room with my parasol. Yes, I have a parasol. It's like an umbrella, except it was used back in the late 1800's and 1900's for fashion. I'm big into those days. The dresses they wore, the galas they attended, and the regular size of a house?! Lucky people. 
These days I've seen in chick-flicks that the adults spend so much time working at their flower shop or match-making business that they haven't found the right guy or girl for themselves. I've even seen some 30-something and 40-something year old women sitting on benches doing the "he loves me, he loves me not" bit with Rose petals. I take a little bit of time to stop and pray for them, because sometimes people look in all the wrong places. That's why I let God take care of my future.
I do know that this month, I'm going to take some time and tell alot of people I appreciate them, and I'm going to start off the list right now:
I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy, and I love you Joy! My parents take so much time to take care of me and my sister, and we never even really say "thank you" and "I love you". I also want to thank Bleah Briann of With Love & Kisses and Anna of Sisters in the Savior, and Rachel T. of Girlz of Faith. Thank you all so much for encouraging me to keep going, God bless you all! :))
Things I'm pledging the do this month: 
1. Write thank you notes to my parents and sister (I hope they don't read this part of my post)
2. Be nicer to my sister. Because sometimes it's hard. Really.
3. Look in my closet for Narnia more. Because I want to :P
4. Read more. That's gonna be an all year thing.

And ONE more thing!! (Just one, because I ramble on alot) It might SNOW this week! That's right, Texas Girl might be getting some snow! The low for today is 16 degrees, and I do hope that my swim coach (I swim on an all year-round team) will have mercy on us today. It's c-c-c-ollddddd. 
Well, I'm going to stop now. Because I have a date with Narnia! Have fun this February!

-Jocee <3

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