a post which is overdue. but i'm doing it anyway.

I told y'all a long time ago that I'd tell you about my novel, "14". So, I don't have great progress on it. I'm kinda suffering from writer's block. But, I wanna tell you anyway. (And I have my visuals all ready and set to go!! OMG I just used ready, set and go in the same sentence and it made sense. Okay, that was rather awkward. Moving swiftly along....)

Sydney Lockwood was a average girl, living a normal life. She was born in England, and upon turning three, she and her parents took a ship to America. During their passage to America her parents suddenly died of small pox, and Sydney was taken in by her Aunt Shelley. Ten years later, in 1940, Sydney received a letter from the family advisor and lawyer of the Lockwood family, stating her grandparents had died. Since Sydney's parents had also died, and Shelley Lockwood was a family member by adoption, Sydney was the only heir to the estate. 
Though she received the letter on such short notice, Sydney boarded a train and left for Grayson, Virginia, without her aunt, and proceeded to become the mistress of the Lockwood Estate. Upon arriving to the so called "haunted" mansion, she learns that the number "14" is unlucky among those who were born into her family. She is thirteen when she arrives, but she will turn fourteen on October fourteenth. She is told that every member of the Lockwood family has died, by a woman who's supernatural powers seem to subdue all. Sydney's the last sole heir in the Lockwood family, and a target is on her back. 
(That's all I'm going to tell you for now, unless I change my mind :P)
And now for the visuals/character introduction. Or something like that.

Sydney Lockwood: 
Wanted to live a normal life. After moving to a new town, without her guardian, she became exposed to a plot that wouldn't end until it succeeded. Under the stress that resulted from her predicament, she tries frantically to find a way to save her life. But it seems like a lost cause. With the help of her cousin, Christian, she embarks on a journey that will haunt her forever. 

Christian Townsend: Is Sydney's cousin. He's worked on the Lockwood estate ever since he can remember. His mother was Marie Townsend, who was a victim of the same plot that Sydney found herself tangled into. His mother married Victor Lockwood, who was said to be under supernatural power, and poisoned Christian's mother, who died giving birth. His father disappeared and hasn't been heard from since. 
Christian is a young man who wants revenge for his father's wrongdoings, and he seems hesitant when Sydney asks him to help destroy the plot, and he seems to have many secrets surrounding him. Will he come clean? And will the secrets to his past be revealed?

Clarence: Has worked as a hired hand with Christian for many years. When Sydney arrives to the estate, she finds him peculiar in many ways. Ways that will scar them both in the days to come. 

Clarisse: also helps at the Lockwood Estate. She's probably one of the nicer accquaintences Sydney has had, and she was a great friend of Marie Townsend's. But will her friendship to Sydney and Marie come back to bite her?
Denise: Has worked with the other "Helpers" for just as long. When Sydney arrives she is immediately overcome with fear, and tries to avoid Sydney at all costs. But will her desperate actions get them all in deep trouble?

Naramay (I'm spoiling you by putting her in the main character list. Yeah she's a main character..you're just lucky): She's the leader behind the wrongdoings. It's no secret, but how did she do it? How did she survive all these years after killing every fourteenth member of the Lockwood family? It shall be revealed. But will she be defeated?
I hope I didn't tell y'all too much, but I had to put the main plot out there, just so y'all could understand. (I've said "y'all" too much, haven't I? Don't care! I'm a "y'all" kinda gal :P)



  1. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Wow, Jocee, that sounds amazing! I've got so many questions and I can't wait to hear more!!!

  3. Oh.my.goodness. I can't even explain how amazing that was! (I also read your page 'novel 14')

    I'm serious, that was just really cool. Being a young writer myself, I find it very happy to find great writers (like you)!

    Ever wanna talk writing? I'd love an e-mail! (metheblog[at]gmail[dot]com)

    I post about my writings here: writerforalifetime.blogspot.com
    and life here: megan-thelifeofagirl.blogspot.com
    :) Megan

  4. no way!! that's my cousin?!!? :)
    (and of course i'll give credit to you :] so i'm taking this "visuals for the novel" idea in addition to the "just little things" idea) sorry--i'm just SO original :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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