special tidbit of "14"!!!!

Lookie what I have here...*in a sing-songy voice* An excerpt from my novel, 14!!!! Ohmylipsglossness, I'm spoiling you for letting you see this, but I really want you to. It probably won't make any sense to you, but one day it will ;) Let's just say two very important characters are reading a diary. There. That's all. Now, read. 

“I have heard whispering in my dreams," Christian read, "Murmurings of ‘blessed sister’ and ‘chosen of the Father’. I pondered these fragments and tried to piece them together, to no avail. More wedding jitters. It too shall pass.
   -David Lockwood.”

“Wedding jitters…” Christian repeated. “if only life was as difficult as our thoughts could make it, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess. That way I wouldn’t—”
I looked up. “Wouldn’t what?”
He let out a sigh, a soft smile make its way into his features. “Nevermind, perhaps I’m wrong. You should get some rest, I won’t have you die before your time.”
I let out a laugh, immediately regretting it, putting a hand to my head and uttering a soft moan. Why was I in such pain? I hadn’t hit anything, so Clarisse and Christian had said. Was it something they couldn’t see?
I continued my musings, until my eyelids grew heavy, and all the world seemed to become a mirage.
“My sisters, we are chosen of the father to do his bidding. We must complete the task set before us,” a soothing voice tickled my earlobe; I was sure I was still asleep.
“Blessed are the innocent remained, the sinners will fall, and I have won.” An image flashed before me. My eyes were closed, but it was as if I was looking directly ahead of me.
It was nothing but red. Crimson. Crimson eyes, that glinted in the triumph of evil.  
I fought for full consciousness. It grew hazily, then deflated as though it had been struck with iron. Flinging my arms in front of me, I pried my eyes open, and took in a sharp breath, knowing I was safe.
“Blesses are the innocent remained, the sinners will fall, and I have won.”
Everything had its own meaning. My only hope was to find this one. 

Did you likee? I hope you likee!! I'd really like your opinion on this *puts on angelic face, holding cupcake tray* Please?? I'll even give you a bonus:
There. Now, tell me how I did? Thank you!!



  1. thats pretty good, you going to tell us what was going on?

  2. Wish all of the network of friends have a new start .

    hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
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  3. Riah, maybe ;)
    scarves, thanks for leaving a comment! :))
    -Jocee <3


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