things i love about converse...among other things

I love Converse. Like, alot. I mean, the name is great, the shoes are brutally wicked...what else could you ask for in a shoe? I have one pair of Converse, and I love them. Alot. The way I see it, when people come up with books, or movies, or items that I haven't heard of, that means I just didn't think of it. Then, I have to read, watch, or buy (not really buy) whatever it is, to see what I could've done. That's how I think. If it exists already, I didn't think of it. Converse is just one of the things. 

What I love about Converse:

  • They're gorgeous. If they magically turned into Peter Pevensie, okay I'm dreaming *slaps myself*. Moving swiftly, along
  • They have so many varieties of Converse, you know you'll have to buy more than one pair because your mind can't imagine your life without them. 
  • They have neon and rainbow converse. *Ahem* THAT'S AMAZING!!!! Brutally, wicked, I tell you. (Okay, that sounded kind of...um...Julius Caesar-ey. Think about it. "Brutally"? They haven't used that term in...wow)
  • They have neon and rainbow laces. (I'm not going to repeat my "Brutally wicked" thing)
  • They're awesome
And now, the things I wish Converse had. Like, they're awesome and all, but sometimes I wish there was more. No, I'm not talking about design and other stuff. 

Things I wish Converse had:
  • A special little flap that you could use to scratch your foot with. The shoes's material is pretty thick, so scratching it just as it is doesn't work. Plus, I don't wanna take off the shoe!
  • A robot that laced up, and took off the shoes. Sometimes, they take five minutes to put on (But I have high tops, so maybe that's just my issue)
That's all I got. I'm gonna go buy some more Converse now. Okay, maybe tomorrow, because the stores are closed. Byee!

*random thought* I wonder if William Moseley (Peter Pevensie) wears Converse. *sigh* Isn't that beautiful? Okay, I'm leaving now ;)

-Jocee <3
*Ahem* And Narnia. 


  1. I <3 Converse! But I totally agree about the lacing up robot- mine take forever and they're only low tops!

  2. oh, girl you don't even know. i am converse-obsessed ;) i have two pairs (pink and red) and i'm getting ready to get a purple pair! :D

  3. Oh my word! I loveeeeeeeeeee Converse. I wish there was a special flap too, and a robot... that would sure be nice. They take forever to put on for me too. I have black low-tops, but I want high-tops, eventually. Is it just me, or do Converse look better when they're dirty? ;)

  4. Julia: I know right!!
    Anna: I know a Converse obsessed family. They have like seven pairs of Converse and counting.
    Sky: Yes, Converse are so gorgeous when they're dirty!! They're more...what's the word...rugged...yeah, that's it ;)
    -Jocee <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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