blog announcement! *game show when-you-get-the-answer-wrong sound* dun dun DUNNN

song stuck in my head: "beauty and the beast" STILL but whatever!
All righty!! Meesa has a blog announcement! It's nothing bad..the title is just Darth Vader/Game Show-ish. Yeah, that's it. Anyway, so here's my announcement (hold on lemme get the geeky font on)
I'll be having a new blog series. heh, heh, heh. Never gets old.
So yeah, I'll be having a blog series. It's called (hold on again)
Teenagers VS Young Adults.
Raquel over at God's Daughter inspired me to do this after I saw all the interviews on her blog. 
I'm going to be doing interviews with some of my friends (blogger friends included) and I'll be asking them about the difference between and teenager and young adult. For example:
  • What is a teenager to you?
  • Do you think teenagers have to be moody and rebellious all the time? 
  • What is a young adult to you?
  • How are they different from teenagers?
Then, at the end I'll be asking them if they want to be a teenager or young adult. Sound like fun? I think so! I'll be making a button for it and you can put it on your blog. I already have one person who I interviewed, now working on two!! I have some people who I'll be asking, so if I ask you be prepared to say yes! Please say yes, seriously it would make my day.
Anyway, before I go, I thought you'd enjoy craving these:
I should stop before this post becomes one big cupcake. Bye, y'all!



  1. What a fun idea! Can't wait to read the posts! :D

  2. My sister told me about your blog! I love it! Super cool! I read your teaser of the "14" novel... i want more! It was so intriguing! I can't wait for this new blog series! You are awesome! :)

  3. Ooh sounds like fun! And, I thought I was following, but it turns out I wasn't, so I quickly fixed that little error.:)

  4. Oh, Jocee. Oh, Jocee. I never really particularly liked cupcakes before, but now I'm really craving one. I think I'm about to go make cupcakes.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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