*breathing hard* REGENERATE!!!!

So, yesterday I went to this Youth Entrepreneurship Showcase & Panel, and I was showcasing my business. (It's a cake business called "Sweets by Jocelyn". I'm also my dad's real estate investment partner...it's easier than it sounds) So, my mom and I left at around 4:30pm, and got home at 10pm. I couldn't take it.
I mean, I'm a lovely-happy person around people...but once everyone starts to leave, I NEED to regenerate. (Oh, Doctor Who :P) I'm sanguine, but I need to refuel alone. As in blog with you guys, write novels/music, etc.
So what I did when I got home was look at my friend Rachel's profile on Facebook, look up pictures of Nathan Kress, and read up on Lord of the Rings, Taylor Swift, Star Wars...and I posted comments on my blog.
Taylor Swift was singing at a swim meet I was at. She suddenly got so mad (I think Jake Gyllenhaal or Taylor Lautner showed up) and she drained the pool, and broke the balcony I was sitting in, and almost killed two of my teammates, Lauren and Fay-Fay (along with me).
I love her music, but honestly, I'm afraid of her now. 
THEN, I was at Nathan Kress's house with my friend Jasmine, and we had some issues getting inside, and once we were in, Nathan and that Justin guy from "Zoey 101" left, and said if we left the house we couldn't get back in, since there was no key. Well, I'm not sure how we got out, but we did, and then, we were immediately at a Star Wars movie signing.  Surprisingly there were no storm troopers.
He's cute. But he's NO Peter Pevensie.
This is Anakin from Star Wars if your brain has escaped you for the moment. Now HE's cute. Wow. So, so, cute. And he has the cutest smile EVER. *swoons* But he's still not Peter Pevensie.
NOW for the weirdest dream of them all.
We (when I say "we" I mean the Pevensies, my friend Rachel, and all y'all bloggers and I) were fighting the war against the White Witch. Except it wasn't the White Witch. It was her, and all the bad guys from Lord of the Rings, and a whole but of Ninjas from Japan. 
Aslan was saying how once, the Witch and he were actually not at each other's throats, and that through Lucy's eyes, he could see her. Weird, right?
So, Aragorn, and Legolas, are trying to help us, when we all get fired at with arrows. Everyone almost dies, and Rachel is just Facebooking the whole thing.
I LOVE Legolas.
No comment.
Then, right when we're all about to start the battle, Lady GaGa runs up to me and says: 
"What, your dream about me wasn't good enough?"
Then I woke up. Crazy, RIGHT?!?!?!?
Oh, by the way. No picture of Lady GaGa.
So, today I was at the Rodeo. The Texas Rodeo, Y'all!! 
It smelled awful in those barns. I go there and I come back with a sore tongue, sore feet, blue teeth a purple tongue, and sugar on my face. (I got cotton candy, just so you know) And it was GOOOD. 
And anyway, I'm a city girl. Seriously, my sister almost said the word "dinner" in front of the animals. Bad idea, Joy. No, she didn't get hurt, lol.
We also went to the petting zoo. While she was trying to pick up every animal there, I was saying "NO, no, step away, thank you, mommy I can't take it!!" It was scary. The llama bumped into me twice. Eww. 

So, yes, I had a busy day. I need to regenerate. That was the main point of this post, right? I hope I made it ;) Go get a massage...and make sure your parents aren't talking about toilets and space shuttles. Because my parents were. That's reallyreally weird. Lol, anyway, later, y'alls!!


  1. Nathan Kress is sooooo cute!!! But not like Edmund. ;)
    Wow....that's a pretty weird dream. Part cool, part really weird. Was it fun to be in?


  2. Haha, very weird dreams! I seriously cannot even imagine Taylor Swift being that destructive and violent! :) What have you been eating lately? Just kidding! Nice post, it made me smile! :)

  3. This post was so hilarious! Dreams are the wierdest things ever!! :D

  4. Hayden Christensen is soooooooo cute! He was my first crush ever, seriously. *swoons* haha! sorry, just had to mention him.;) Cute post! Funny dream! What Emma said, dreams are so weird! oh and I could so see Taylor Swift doing that in real life, and maybe writing a song about it too! haha!
    ~God bless

  5. My dreams have been weird too, lately! Glad I'm not the only one! ;)

  6. Ohmygosh!!! So I've been watching Lord of the Rings like, all night, for the first time in a looong time, and then I was going to do a sort of picture-y post on it, and there you are mentioning Lord of the Rings! How snazzily weird!
    And this was a funny post, haha! I love that Taylor Swift drained the pool...hahaha!

  7. Wow, can anyone say random? Are you sure Joy is the high queen of random? Cuz, if we were voting I'd vote you! For sure and certain. Oh, and just so we're clear, my fiance is cuter than all of them! Of course that might just be love and bias speaking, but I thought he was pretty cute before I liked him... ;)

  8. haha, no one can even begin to compete with peter :)

  9. I think we have many things in common, because i love peter pevensie, Peter is the most cuteee, he is and always will be my crush, hayden is my second crush (i really love star wars too) and i used to like taylor swift music so i laughed a lot with your dream, legolas is cute too, but for me the most cute ever is Peter i just cannot forget his blue gorgeous eyes and his perfect smile with that little hole in his right check.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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