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Okay, so this is my last post for the week. *sad face* BUT, I think I'll use it by writing a lil' synopsis of my Narnia fanfiction, "Saga of My Heart". So, here's a little summary of what goes on:
Charlotte Dawson has lived next door to the Pevensie's ever since she can remember. She and Peter were best friends, but eight years later in 1941, everything began to change. Her father is a lieutenant in the war and her mother is doing the very best she can to provide for her and her daughter. Charlotte is now sixteen, and has learned to grow up fast. 
Though they hadn't really seen each other in years, Peter and Charlotte developed feelings for each other, and eventually began going steady (cheesy, I know, but keep reading!!). Soon after Charlotte learned her father was missing in action, and her mother was beside herself with grief, devoting all her time to work at the hospitals, hoping to find him there. 
Peter himself had decided he wanted to go to war, and fight alongside his own father, and was facing the decision of leaving the people he loved, or being a hero for his country. He had promised Charlotte he wouldn't leave, but kept changing his mind on whether or not he should go. Charlotte doesn't know what to do, but she tries her best to keep everyone together. 
Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Pevensie agreed to send both Charlotte and the Pevensie children off to the country, and they settled in with the Professor Kirke, and his housekeeper, Mrs. Macready. 
In a game of hide and seek, Lucy discovers Narnia through the wardrobe, and though the rest of her siblings are skeptical, Charlotte believes her. Peter is disappointed in Charlotte for believing in "a little girl's fantasy" but everything begins to change once again as they all find themselves in a strange land called Narnia....
That's all I'm going to tell you. You're going to have to read the story for yourself if you want to know what happens next!! But before you read, I'd like to introduce you to the characters:
Charlotte Dawson: was just a girl living in London at the time of World War II. Her father is missing in action, and with her mother nearly killing herself working, the only person she can turn to is Peter Pevensie. After journeying with the Pevensie's to the country for safety from the air raids, she finds Peter is slowly but surely slipping out of her fingers, and while she tries to redeem her relationship, she finds that she, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy have found themselves in a land called "Narnia". Strange happenings begin to ensue, but it was all done for a purpose; a purpose that would be unveiled when the right time came.
Peter Pevensie: was the oldest of four children living in a town called Finchley, near London, during the second World War. He had tried to keep his family together, and with his father fighting in the war, he became the man of the house very quickly. He found himself falling for a girl, Charlotte Dawson, and eventually began spending time with her before going to the country with her and his own siblings. His sister, Lucy had found a wardrobe in an old spare room, and found himself in the middle of what seemed like a world falling apart. He didn't ask for this. He just wanted the war to be over! But, what he didn't know was, the war had just begun.
Susan Pevensie: wanted it all done the proper way. Everything had to be just right. When her older brother Peter began spending time with her next door neighbor, Susan didn't just feel anger, she felt jealousy. Before the war had begun she was the center of attention, always making good grades in school and being the perfect role model, but now, someone else was in the spotlight, and Susan didn't like it. Not one bit. After finding herself in a land she didn't believe in, she finally realized maybe she'd have to become one with everyone else, and not try to do it on her own.
Edmund Pevensie: didn't care one bit about anything his siblings did, or anything for that matter. After being dragged off to the country against his own will, he finds a bit of fun in following his younger sister to "the faun and the lamppost" and eventually finds himself in Narnia. He meets a beautiful White Queen, and is put under a spell (but he doesn't know it) but eating some Turkish Delight. After he returns to Narnia, except his siblings -and that dratted girl Charlotte- come with him, he's determined to turn them over to the queen, so he can become king, and not have anyone talk down to him. But maybe that wasn't the best plan after all...
Lucy Pevensie: didn't want to be alone. Her family had begun to neglect her, and the only person she found a friend in was Charlotte. Charlotte was kind, sweet, and Lucy could tell her anything. After finding a land called Narnia through a wardrobe, she tells Charlotte, and though the girl believes her, they aren't able to get into Narnia the first time they try to get there. She knows the war is a troubling time, but after she appears in Narnia once again, with Charlotte and all her siblings, she finds another war, one that everyone will be involved in.
And of course you know Aslan and the Witch and the faun...so I'm going to have to skip them and give you a quick lil' summary of what happens after the war ends (in Narnia)
The war had ended. The witch was defeated. Everything seemed to be going well. Before journeying to Cair Paravel for the coronation of the Kings and Queens, Aslan tells Charlotte that their is a special task for her, and tells her of the strange happenings that had begun since her arrival in Narnia (can't tell you that, sorry). 
They journey to Cair Paravel, and after the coronation (and Charlotte's task is revealed) a new plot is uncovered. One that involves the High King.
Lord Palamore from Archenland (he's the best I could find, so imagine him with shorter, curlier white hair [and a small white beard] and no staff or freaky looking ball): He has journeyed from a neighboring country of Narnia to serve on Peter and Edmund's council, and is very demeaning at times. He is one to go strictly by the book and is slightly distraught about Charlotte's presence in Narnia, and tries to influence the king to take the matters into his own hands. 
Lord Sosorion from Calormen: Another lord appointed to Peter's council. He seems kind, but Charlotte has other assumptions. She's learned to watch her surroundings, and Lord Sosorion knows it. He can worm his way into different affairs, and it can be an advantage, or disadvantage. There's something about him..something that will be revealed in due time. 
Naramay: she is Dryad; Charlotte's lady in waiting. She admires Charlotte, and supports her in everything she does. She was one of the first friends Charlotte made after settling down at Cair Paravel, and Naramay will do anything for Charlotte. Anything. 
Ripple: is a talking dove, and was named for the way she Ripple's through the clouds. She was the first friend Charlotte made after the  Witch was defeated, and has been loyal ever since. Ripple can be used as a messenger, flying through the halls of Cair Paravel, listening in on people's conversations. Of course, the Lord of the Council, and guests from Archenland and Calormen don't know she's a talking bird. It could be dangerous for Ripple. Dangerous, indeed. 
Well, that's all I'm going to tell you!! If you want to know more, check out the story: "Saga of My Heart". (warning, the beginning's pretty cheesy..sorry)

I must go!! But before I do, look:
'nuff said. Bye y'all! Be back on Sunday :))


  1. That sounds like such an awesome fanfiction! You're a great writer. :) See you next week!


  2. that's so funny...

    one time I wrote a story about Narnia, except it was after the Last Battle, and Susan's children found Narnia. It was pretty legit. :)

  3. LOVE it! My favorite character is definitely the talking dove, I think, hahaha :) I also very much like Charlotte, of course :D

  4. Hi Jocee! In reply to your comment on my blog:

    I actually have been thinking about posting a few tutorials on my blog as an introduction to learn how to sew. I have to purchase my camera first (or either my parents purchase a video camera, which will most likely be soon) and then I may post a few intro videos regarding sewing.

    So I may be able to "teach" you how to sew! :)


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