the girl and the rose

I'm absolutely bored out of my mind. So, I decided to dress-up and take pictures!! (Inspired by  Oh, Horsefeathers and Little Gold Pocket Watch) I call this "album" ~the girl and the rose~
I think it's cute!! It's my main photo. If you wanna know why my left arm is up, it's because I was trying to get a good shot with the camera. AND IT WAS SOOOO HARD. But I finally made it ;)
I used Picnik for the black & white/color effect. Cool huh? I think so :)
Color version of the first pic. Stupid camera's so jank. Goshbubbles!
The cute way to hold a rose hahaha.
I have this cute purple hat and I though it would look cuter with the rose. 
{top: courtesy of my Grandma! skirt: courtesy of my Grandma! hat: courtesy of my Grandma!}
So, that's what I did to kill time. It worked actually, with that hunk of "evil little troll" camera! Took me about two hours. No joke!
I think the moral of the story is: you can't go wrong with Grandma!! Thanks, Grandma Carol, I wuv you :)) <3<3

OH YEAH!! You can't go wrong with cupcakes either ;)
Betcha' that's the best picture in this whole post! 
Anyway, I think I'll watch Prince Caspian now. Anna and I are talking about it. Okay, we're talking about Peter. But WHO CARES?!?! Sheesh. Byee!

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  1. Aww so adorable! What a fun way to pass the time :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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