i heart...the dandy things in life!

song stuck in my head: "bella notte" from the movie Lady and the Tramp. I really love that movie. And the song. 
dandy: a word used to describe a happy time, such as, "that's just dandy!" words related to this: "lovely-happy", and others that have yet to be created.
So, today's "I heart.." post is dedicated to the dandy things in life. Ya' know..like...goshbubbles, dandylions ;), flowers, CUPCAKES...*gollum voice* oh yessss..Peter Pevensies....myyyy precciousssss yeah okay. Things like that. 
typewriters. they're soo perty! don't ya' think? so dandy, and as Lauren says it: snazzy!
old radio sets. so cute!! don't ya' think? I think so :)
kentucky derby hats. only Audrey Hepburn could pull this one off ;)
tea. with the Mad Hatter. I love Johnny Depp. But then again, who doesn't?
little red umbrellas...or just umbrellas in general...
yeah...that about covers it.
flowers. blossoms. everything in that category ;)
lights that hang in the air....i think it's sooo pretty!! especially those lights from "Tangled". dontcha think?
random canopies that hang from trees with two little kittens playing at the bottom. that's pretty epic. 'nuff said.
rotary phones that are so much fun to play with!!
walls of water that turn colors. isn't it just magical?
rainboots. ya' just can't go through life without having a pair of rainboots.
the French berets we used to describe directors and artists...too cute! whoever started that tradition is now officially apart of my "i love you" list. oh, by the way, the list hasn't been officially created yet...ooops...oh well.
And last but MOST DEFINITELY not least, cupcakes. cupcakes are indeed dandy. 

What's dandy to you? Tell me!! Do it. Do it. *Jaws chant*
And by the way, join my photo challenge!! So far I have one entry. You can find out how to enter here
And now, I'm going to ride off into the Narnian sunset with Peter Pevensie. *sigh* Yes, I love him, so much. Bye, lovers of the dandy things in life! (okay the last sentence was weird..whatever)


  1. My Dandy List {as of today}:
    Edmund Pevensie {haha}
    flowy skirts
    Polka dots
    The color combo green, purple, and orange
    Frosted Flakes cereal {oh yum}
    The smell of Mod Podge.

    Yeah, that's all I have for now. (:

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog...your hilarious! This post just made my day! My dandy list of the day...hmm...
    Funnel Cakes
    The color blue
    Outside...dude, it feels so good out there!
    Michael Cavallo...Oolala;)
    'The Cupcake Dictionary' blog by- Jocee:D
    Hair things
    Peter Pevensie eyes;D
    God bless~

  3. My Dandy List?
    1.) Music
    2.) Shopping
    3.) Frilly skirts you used to hate
    4.) Old songs on your IPod
    5.) Rain
    6.) Milkshakes :)
    And really, I'm the only entry? Wow. I thought a lot of people would enter!

  4. 1) I lovveee your blog. It's adorable!!

    2) How do you get coloured font?? I mean, I know how to change it for all the posts, but in this post you had blue. How did you get that, por favor??


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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