i see life...in technicolor...i see love...'round every corner

song stuck in my head: "technicolor" by tim myers
*sings* in technicolor...da da da..da da dadada...*fade out* Okay, so I admit that I had a little bit of trouble thinking about what to post for today. Oops. I think it's because I'm so used to the blog challenge, that I think it's already laid out for me. Anyway, so, I was looking at weheartit.com, and I thought that I should do a post about my favorite colors...just 'cause. Not to mention, I had "Technicolor" by Tim Myers on replay, so yeah. So, here are my favorite colors!!
Yellow: it's the color of happiness, and it reminds me of the sun. And it's lovely-happy. Who could argue with that?
Anything Pastels: More specifically pastel green. Why? Because I like my world to have just a litte more than bright red. Something a little softer, and this is perfect. 
Lavendar Purple: or Lilac, it depends. Because it's so vivid, and wow. So perty! Haha. 
Pink: there should be a big fat "duh" right here. Oh, sorry. DUH. How could I not like pink? Honestly, it's just not like me. 
Green: Emerald green. The kind of green that reminds me of the hobbit's shire. Yuh-huh, that kinda green. 
Blue: Sapphire blue. The kinda blue that matches Peter Pevensie's eyes..'nuff said.
Rainbow: I just think it should count :P
Cupcake: I'm labeling this as its own original color group. I don't care what ANYBODY says. Don't they just look so good?

So those, are my favorite colors. What are yours?



  1. LOVE this post!! In fact, I may just have to do one like it someday...:D With credit to you of course, my dear ;)
    And blue is definitely my favorite color!

  2. beautiful color, such as cupcake my mum


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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