*jaws chant* duhduhduhduhduhduh.....another tag!!

I didn't realize Shelley over at Being Shelley tagged me in this!! So, I'm going to do it, even though I'm not sure how late I was (LOL) This is the first post of the day since my sister bailed on me before we could do her special post. So, another tag!!
The Long Tag (it's earned it's name too :P)

~Your Favorite:~
Color? Sunshine Yellow (I'm detailed....it's a very bad mediocre sweet habit!)
Candy? Bubble gum!!! Yeshness! (oohh, that's a new phrase!)
Main dish? Burgers and Fries. Or queso. Or Chicken Piccata by Ina Garten. I don't know. All of it!
Dessert? CUPCAKES!! duh. 
Drink? Mostly water (I know I'm boring) but we never really by anything else...but when we do: tropical punch koolaid!
Go to Starbucks Coffee? Only for hot chocolate every 5 years or so. So that means I haven't been to Starbucks more than three times!! *WALL-E voice* whoa. O_O
Go to the mall a lot? I wish! My mom hates to shop. So absolutely not. 
Veggie? Collard greens! You know, the kind you eat for holidays. 

~Do you?~
Talk on the phone everyday to someone who is not family? No, I chat on my email. 
Read your Bible everyday? Mostly, some days I slip up. 
Do lots of reading? OHMYLIPSGLOSSGOLLUMNESS you have no idea. 
See your grandparents everyday? No. Bummer. 
Bake a lot? Cupcakes! Yeah, I do. 
Clean your room everyday? No, gross! My room is always clean *wink*
Have to say you're sorry to someone everyday? YES. My sister makes me. 

~A Certain Thing You Dislike Of Each Category~
Veggie? brussel sprouts! EWWW. 
Color? orange
Animal? cockroaches. 
Drink? pepsi. it flattens too quickly. 

Go shopping? Forever 21, Barnes & Noble...and others that escape my memory. 
Eat out? I don't care as long as it has french fries. But Burger King and Jack in the Box are out of the question. 
Go visit? Grandparents houses!!
Read a good book at? at home in my room with the door locked and the lamp on so it'll keep my sister away. 
What color is your room? Sunshine Yellow and the closet is Lavendar Purple 

~Do You Have A~
Pet? Yup, my sister. I'm not kidding. 
Gift card at the moment? LOTS. 
Sewing machine? Yeah, but I think I broke it way back when. 
Big mess under your bed? I wouldn't say...big. 
Pack of gum in your bag or purse? Yup!!
Computer in your room? No. GOSHBUBBLES!!

~Have you ever~
Been on a plane? Yep.
Been out of state? yuh-huh
Been in a eighteen wheeler? No! Why would I?
Been in a car accident? No! Yay!
Read about a hundred and fifty page book in about an hour? 250 pages actually ;)

~More Random?~
Do you share a room with anyone? No, YAY!! But I share a bathroom..ugh. 
Have you ever went swimming in a pond? I don't think so...I hope not...ew. 
How old are you? 14, and I don't plan to die. Seriously. 
What year were you born? '96. You can figure out which '96 for yourself.
Are you related to anyone important or famous? Yes, my aunt and uncle! And I'm not joking either. Like seriously. 
Have you ever met a vice president? No, but I saw George Bush from a [very large] distance once!
Are you getting bored yet? I've been bored since...I forgot. But I'm bored. 
What are you thinking? Where's the icing?

Yup, so that's the tag!! Hope you liked it!! I tag:
Anyone who wants to do it, because this was LONG. Very long. Haha, bye y'all.
Okay, NOW bye y'all!


  1. Ha! Okay, I had way too many thoughts while reading this...but I can't remember any besides "I LOVE Burger King!!!!" Its so good. I'm sad you don't like it. *tear*
    I think I'm gonna do this! It looks fun! :D :D :D
    ~Lauren :)

  2. I love Chicken Picatta... but I used to eat it at this place that - sadly closed - was run by true Italians.. They called it Pollo Piccata (pollo being the Italian word for chicken), soI have to catch myself from say Pollo when I order Piccata anywhere else. Also I have to do a double take when someone says Chicken Picatta.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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