lovely-happy tuesday-day!! i don't think i needed the extra "day" but i like it :)

I have lovely-happy news!! My grandma's in town (no pictures, forgot my camera) and she'll be for 10 days. I love her I love her I love her, and she's really nice and smells really good (don't all grandma's?) So, today, we had dinner (before dark, and that's a record for my family) and we bough these really cool yummy rolls. THEN I got out my camera. I'm so happy it's so pretty!! So, I've decided to enter it into Allie's Happy Monday Photo Challenge! The theme is "texture" (I still have time to enter) It's my first photo challenge that I've entered in, so I hope it's good.
My camera hasn't been this clear. I'm so proud. There was some salt on top of the roll, but...it disappeared *yells* JOY WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY SALT?!?!? Oh, well, the rolls were good, and gone in 20min. 

By the way, here's this really funny (to me) conversation my mom had:
Mom: I'm getting on the laptop
Me: *pouts*
Mom: What's wrong?
Me: I was gonna enter a photo challenge!
Mom: You can do it on the desktop.
Me: *pouts again*
Dad: Oh, Jocelyn, you can come downstairs and watch TV! The Biggest Loser is going to be on soon!
Me: But it's only six pm!!
Mom: It's actually seven.
Me: I hate daylight savings....
Yes, daylight savings needs to die. I usually get a lovely-happy refreshing sleep the night before, but this year, I noticed that I lost one hour of sleep. I officially hate daylight savings. 
Enough of my ramblings! I'm going to go get my mom to buy some more of those rolls ;)


  1. Oh that picture made me hungry! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Oh yum. I love rolls like nothing else!

  3. another comment to another forever-ago post...i love rolls! ugh, now i'm hungry for them ;)the roll pic was great btw.
    and wow. you really rambled on about stuff back in the early days. :) hope you're feeling better jocee!

    <3 Corley


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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