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So, I was checking my email (I check my email maybe...30-something times a day...out of habit) and I saw this article on Yahoo and it said that the National Geographic Magazine (my mom thought I said "weird and graphic" magazine) found the most typical human being on the planet. Now, I'm not one for magazines about the planet/world...earthquakes...actually I'm not really one for educational magazines in general. But this is really interesting!!

the world's most typical person:
is right handed,
makes less than $12,000 per year
has a cell phone
but not a piggy bank (less than 25% of us do, anyway)

the world's most typical person is male
(they JUST beat us girls out. BUMMER!!)

the median age of the world's population is 28.
that's really old

and the larget ethinic group is Han Chinese. 

so based on all of this, the most typical human being in a 28 year old Han Chinese man. if you were expecting something else then...wow...just wow. anyway, this is apparently what they would look like:
Yeah. So that's it. In 2030 they say that the most typical human will come from India. But the really cool thing about this is:
That no matter what you look like, talk like, sound like, where you come from, you're different. You may seem alike, but you're unique. Your own special person. 
that out of 7 billion people that God could've hit the "copy/paste" button on, he created you, to be you. with his own hands. he didn't put you in a factory and make you exactly like everyone else. you were hand crafted. you are the original. and the really good thing about this is, you can't be a copy.
Now, isn't that reallyreally cool? I think so. What you do think about this? TELL ME!! Seriously, you have to. Do it. *Darth Vader voice* Do it. 


  1. That is so awesome!!! can I steal this post???


  2. Bleah, yeah, it's pretty cool!! And of course you can steal this post!! By all means, go ahead :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. That is so cool! Very interesting. :)

  4. That is cool!! Thanks for sharing, Jocee :D :D
    ~Lauren :)


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