the rabbit's rubber feet...(that was just random...haha)

Okay, so, yesterday, I entered Allie's photo challenge (I made it in JUST in time!!) and the theme was spring, and I actually went outside into the [blazing] heat, and took some springified pictures!! (And I played around on Picnik, too)
 I took this picture in my front yard. I love that dandelion. 
 So, this was my original idea for the photo challenge. I'd pick some dandelions, and put some dirt in the driveway, and make it seem like a lil' flower pot. Without the pot. Stupid idea, but I like this picture. 
And I HAD to make this picture extra-large. Look at the way the water drips off the can's edge...the vivid violet/blue of the can (I painted it way back when) the...okay you get the picture. I LOVE it. My absolute fav. 
My sister was playing Battleship earlier, and she made a "heart" out of the white and red pieces, look what happened:
 Not my best photo, but Joy was kinda jumping on the couch so this is the best I could get. (Notice her hand in the far upper corner [your left] of this picture)
And just for kicks, this is the picture I entered into the photo challenge:
Not sure how I got my "evil little troll" camera to be so clear. But hey, I'm glad!! So here's another list:
things i do when my camera does something i didn't know it could do which makes me happy:
  • take more pictures
  • eat cupcakes

  • have a tea party
  • eat cupcakes
  • play some more of Beethoven's "Pathetique" Sonata
  • eat cupcakes
  • dream
  • eat cupcakes
And now for a more serious matter. I've been thinking about photography lately, and I think that I should do it more often. So, I think I need a name for my photography. I have four names to choose from right now. 

  • oh, goshbubbles photography
  • jocee photography
  • flutterby wings photography
  • ruby rain photography
I also need a watermark, but I can do that later. So what do you think? Which name should I choose? Comment and let me know, or you can vote in a poll [that I have yet to make]. 
things to do:
  1. make Joy lunch
  2. starting packing for camp tomorrow
  3. find the "Prince Caspian Movie Companion" book at Barnes & Noble and Borders 
  4. eat more cupcakes
  5. ask daddy if I can make cupcakes for camp tomorrow
  6. Don't forget to eat lunch.
  7. bring clothes and sneakers to swim practice today. 
  8. eat more cupcakes
Later, y'all!


  1. Oooh I like "Oh, goshbubbles photography"!! That's like, awesome. And its so GREEN where you live! I'm jealous. Please send me a dandelion.
    Also, that tea-party cupcake is pretty much THE most amazing cupcake I've ever seen in all my life. I want one.

    ~Lauren :D

  2. I need to pack for camp...
    but I'm to lazy. I'll just end up doing it tomorrow last minute.

    You better bring Cupcakes. Derrick supposed to bring something unless he forgot, and I'm bringing brownies.

    Hannah ALWAYS brings cheese it's :P I've also got a personal stash of pringles to bring for my dorm.

    Hey. Do you want me to call so that I can ask if they'll be putting us in studen dorms to put us together so we're not alone? Or... do you wanna be alone? :P


  3. Lauren, I'm leaning towards "Oh, goshbubbles photography". And yes I LOVE the tea party cupcake :)) Huh, maybe I will send you a dandelion! Only, by the time it reaches you I'm sure it will be faded. But I'll try :))
    Bleah, yeah, me too. I'll try to bring cupcakes! Yay, brownies! Lol, we'll only be at camp for a few days, but I get pringles are essential.
    You can call if you want but I have a feeling they're going to choose our dorms for us when we get there lol, and no I don't wanna be alone!! That would be scary *shudders* Lol, can't wait to see you!! :)
    -Jocee <3

  4. I only wear make up to church and special occasions too (late dinner and a movie with my fiancee). I hate taking off make up!

  5. You're usually alone...
    unless there aren't very many girls then they put us together like last time.

    And you can call and get put with your friends... my friends and I do it all the time. I would call Hannah and ask her, but I don't remember if she's coming as an intern or no.

    Yeah ... 3 days. Long enough to consume a sleeve of pringles! :D

    See you tomorrow night.


  6. First of all, where do you get all these awesome cupcake pics? Love em! Also, I think you should go with the first photography name, because it's just that cool! :)

  7. I really like Ruby Rain photography :)



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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