spring writing gala {day 4}

So, today for the Spring Writing Gala, we get to do a character profile. There are several questions below, and we get to use a character from a story we're writing. Well, I just HAVE to use...Charlotte. She's my most favorite character, EVER. Except for Christian. She and him are tied ;) And Sydney...okay I'm done! Here's a visual:
Please note, her eyes are green. They may not look like it, but they are. Okay, I should get started now, but first a quick summary:
"Saga of My Heart" is a Narnia fanfiction, and Charlotte Dawson is an added character. After journeying to Narnia with the Pevensies, she learns she is apart of a new prophecy, and a task is set before her by Aslan. She can feel other people emotions, and has the gift of foresight, and could be the most beautiful woman in Narnia's history. After marrying the High King (her task was to become the fifth ruler of Narnia) she finds there is a plot against Peter, and the only people who can be suspected are the Lords of the Council. 
Happiest memory: Marrying Peter
Laugh hard: I remember Edmund being drunk from spiced wine. 
What you don't want anyone to know: I feel like a failure to my country -both England and Narnia- and my family, especially Peter. 
Best part of your personality: I'm considerate. 
Clothes do you usually wear: In Narnia, sheer white gowns, ivory slippers, and sometimes straw hats. In England, my school uniform, which is a maroon jumper and skirt, and plimsoles. 
Some things you’re not very good at: Forgetting the past. Excepting the future that I couldn't change. 
How would your best friend describe how you look: Exquisite. Breathtaking. 
What irritates you: People who worm their way into the affairs of other people's lives, specifically the Lords of the Council.
What are you afraid of: Being alone. A piece of me dies when I think about it. 
About your family: In England, my father is missing in action, and my mother...I don't know where she is, or how she is. I'm an only child. In Narnia, it's Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy and I. I consider Aslan a second father to me. 
What does your bedroom look like: The walls are ivory with sapphire and velvet covers on the massive bed, and there's a wardrobe (similar to the Professor's) and a balcony with a view of the sea. 
What do your think of yourself when you look in the mirror: It doesn't really matter to me. Being a High Queen in Narnia I must look my best, but personally I don't care. 
Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you: I'm not sure. I don't think I've had an embarrassing moment. 
What do you really, REALLY want more than anything else I the world: I want my mother to live, for my father to return to us, and for Narnia's future to be redone. 
Heart’s Desire: Like I said, for my mother to live.
Yup, that's it. As you can see, Charlotte has a very, very tough life, and soon I think I'll do a post with a summary of "Saga of My Heart", so everyone can realize what's truly happening. I hope you liked it, and goshbubbles I can't get rid of this...I think it's called indentation. Darn it. 


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  1. Okay, so I really like this character. So much so that I think someday, somehow you should get your story out there ;) Because I would totally read it :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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