spring writing gala {day 5}

I'm afraid I'm horribly late. I mean, HORRIBLY late. So late, I have the rabbit's song from Alice In Wonderland stuck in my head. Yeah, I'm late...thanks for pointing that out. Anyway! Apart from being late, I'm going to be doing a little paragraph from a movie (ya' know, take a little scene and write it up as best I can) and it'll help with something that I'm writing right now. I hope that made sense. Oh, whatever. I'm using The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and this'll help me, ALOT. Here I go!
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Peter took a deep breath before emerging from the How with Edmund at his right hand. He was suited in full armor; his helmet sat comfortably on his golden locks of hair. But that wasn't what his mind was focused on. His jaw was set, his shield rested in his left hand. And though the air was filled with shouts of confidence from both the Narnians and Telmarines, all the world was quiet, the only thing that was heard was the simple heartbeat that kept Peter alive. 
Four stone pillars stood in the middle of a great field, and in front of Peter and Edmund was the newly crowned king, Miraz, who was adjusting his armor one last time.
"If it should appear to be going poorly," the Telmarine's voice was low, but determined. He nodded his head towards the bow his general held in his hands. 
"Understood, your majesty." was the simple answer. 
The fight shall be to the death, the reward will be total surrender... the words echoed in Peter's head. 
Fixing his eyes on the Narnian king once again, Miraz stood, and placed his golden helmet onto his head, which was molded into the shape of a Telmarine's face. 
"I hope you won't be too disappointed when I survive." the last few words were said in a whisper.
Peter drew his sword, and both men stepped into the ring, circling each other; eying each other.
"There is still time to surrender, " Miraz said. 
"Well feel free," Peter's tone sliced through the air icily.
"How many more must die for the throne?" the Telmarine's voice had a hint of mockery.
"Just one." And with that, Peter placed the front of his helmet over his face, shielding it, and he began to run to his rival. He let out a yell, as his legs carried him through the air. 
The reward shall be total surrender... the blades of steel clashed against each other.
Whoever's surrender it will be...
So, that's my entry. I hope you liked it!! Day 6 will be up...hopefully soon, since my camera hasn't been working that well I dunno if I'll be able to take a video, I guess I'll have to work with pictures. Speaking of pictures, look at this one:
Just capturing the moment....OH! And this one:
*sigh* Look at him!! The sweat on his brow, his hair is damp...ohhhhmyyypreecciousss.
Okay, I'm done. 

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