spring writing gala {days 2 & 3}

It's time for more Spring Writing Gala!! Since I'm kinda behind I'm going to do both days. So, for day two we're supposed to write a lil' description of someone you know very well, and it kinda helps sometimes when you're looking to create a book character, since you have to know who they are, and what they're feeling, etc. Anyway, here I go!

Joy the Joyful Girl (and other things of which I'm not allowed to say)
Joy is, well, joyful! She has wavy brown hair that's always up in a ponytail, and nutmeg brown eyes that can form any expression imaginable. She loves to play princess and her "original" soap opera: "Gabriella and Mr. Trophy" (Gabriella and Troy from HSM) and does whatever she pleases on a regular basis. She copies her older sister, and has told her several times that she want to be like her when she gets old. (thank you, Joy) Joy is a little actress, princess, dancer, and (wannabe) singer, and she will definitely be successful in the years to come.

Not my best paragraph in the whole wide world, but it was sooo much fun!!
And now, the day 3 portion of this post:
For today's challenge, I have to write a paragraph (like the one above) about a character from our imagination. It can be an old or new character, and I know exactly who I'm going to pick!! So, here I go! (Again)

Sydney Lockwood
(Main Character in my original novel, "14")
Sydney Lockwood was a young girl with a troubled past. Born in London, England, she was the only child of her parents, and at the age of three she sailed to America, and became orphaned on the ship. Since then she has been in the care of her Aunt Shelly, and ten years later, became the last heir of her grandparents estate. Surely a thirteen year old girl couldn't run a mere household, much less an estate. She had learned how to withstand being alone many years earlier, and had thought that this wouldn't be any different. But after traveling to her new home in a small town, she finds she is the center of an evil plot, but she doesn't show her fear. Her only true friend is living in silent rage and has secrets of his own, and no one seems to catch her when the ice around her starts to break. Her honey blonde hair and tea green hazel eyes are just aspects of her physical appearance, and though many people who have met her don't see it, there is more than meets the eye.

Spooky, don'tcha think? I think so. That was pretty good in my opinion, it's definitely something I can improve on too. 
Well, that's all for today's Spring Writing Gala!! Be sure to check it out over at Megan's blog!!



  1. Great Job!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hey Jocee I just wanted to give you the link for my entering into the contest. The first picture I am entering, and then my friend's (who doesn't have a blog but wanted to share the cupcake expierience with me) cupcake which is the second picture she is entering. Thanks! I <3 your blog btw!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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