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So, this is my official Young Spring Retreat post!! If you wanna see the pictures you have to go to Bleah Briann's blog (~With Love & Kisses~) because she took her camera and...I didn't.
So, what happened this last weekend, you ask? Well... (this post is going to be like Bleah's...but it actually helps...)
day 1:
After giving my sister (Joy) multiple goodbyes at the dorm, I went to the cafeteria and just stood there, and waited...and waited...after about 5min I found Bleah, and then while she registered, etc, I ate dinner. 
We didn't really work that night, we just hung out by the Prayer Garden near the horses and talked about...everything you can imagine. She told me about all the Ted Dekker books. Lord have mercy she loves Ted Dekker (that's a good thing). 
Then, we went to the evening service and hung out afterwards (I was going to get some food but the line was REALLY long so I starved until I got to my dorm).
I stayed with some very sweet lovely-happy people named Nichole and Krissy. They go to the Bible Institute at camp. They're really nice, and we had chocolate ice cream, root beer and Ramen noodles, and we talked. Alot. I'm not sure when I went to bed that night...oh well! (a picture of ice cream for ya')
day 2:
I missed morning service the next day (DANG IT!! I heard it was really good) to go work at the horses (that's where I signed up to work) and I spent almost three hours leading them into their stall from the pasture, brushing them [and kinda combing them], saddling them up, leading them out to their posts, and avoiding piles of...horse droppings. 
After service Bleah came out with some of her friends and visited me, and after walking the horses on the trail forever, it was lunch time and I ate. (Just the macaroni & cheese though, I don't like sloppy joes) I then met Micah (you can read more about him at Bleah's blog) and instead of going to the rap/hip-hop concert-type-thingy (we didn't have to) Bleah, Micah and I all hung out in the prayer garden and at the deck near the pool [which was really dirty] we talked about Tangled (the movie) and played around and I wore his rockin' awesome hat! (pic at Bleah's blog, I told you I didn't bring my camera) After the concert was over I went back to work, and walked the horses. 
I got sneezed on twice! (by the horse, and bitten once) The bite wasn't that bad...the horse just got mad because I hit her when she sneezed on me....oh well. 
I then ate dinner (Micah and Bleah skipped dinner) and I worked in the Bayou (the place where all the dishes get cleaned) with Bleah, Micah, Keelan and Beaver. I got splashed with dirty water UGH!! 
We then went to service (that was really good with alot of "amen's" and "preach it's!") and afterwards I FINALLY got to get some curly fries and chicken strips and an Italian soda. But one thing I did that I'll NEVER do again: I drank the soda first and ate the food last. NEVER eat food without having a drink with you. I almost choked.
I then went to this awesome thing called <Prayer^Culture> (it actually looks like that) and had some GREAT TIME worshiping God, and then I went back to the dorm and talked to Nichole for awhile, and eventually fell asleep.
(that's not what the fries there look like, I just really love this picture)
day 3:
I woke up pretty early and ate breakfast (Bleah gave me her cereal and muffin) and it was the last service (and it was AWESOME!!) and they showed these really cool videos called "Predictably Pointless Videos" which is a clip from a movie or a music vid and they voice over the actual voices and do things that are pointless. We once got from ducks to facial hair. I'm not kidding. It was awesome.
Service was then let out and Micah, Bleah and I helped out in the Bayou and played ninja (acted stupid, too) and then we said our goodbyes to Micah and Beaver and Keelan.
I then stayed with Bleah until my dad came (too early) and I read a few chapters of her Ted Dekker book, and [kinda] ate lunch, said goodbye, and went home.
I was soo sore and slept in the car, and got on the laptop for the rest of the day. I didn't cry, but I sure felt like it. 
See, whenever I leave camp I always cry for about a week, and then I get back to my normal life, but I always feel like something's missing. I need something more to do. I wish I didn't have to go, but I'm going back in the summer to be a camper for like a week and then intern for two weeks and maybe more...and the whole way home, I was wishing I didn't have to go. 
(I love this picture too)
things to do:
  1. Finish chapter 25 of "Saga of My Heart" by tonight 
  2. Find "Prince Caspian Movie Companion" book SOMEWHERE
  3. pick out clothes for party tonight (I'm going to a party heeyyyy *whip my hair*)
  4. eat cupcakes
  5. buy a new camera
  6. get a dog so I can enter Allie's pets/animals photo challenge. I think sisters should count as pets
  7. eat cupcakes
"The dream has ended, this is the morning...."



  1. Does the camp have a wesite? If it does, can I have a link?

  2. Yeah I couldn't get the video to upload.

    and I just wanted to say that I'm not supposed to put actual names of things for camp on my blog because people could hunt me down. And since like... all of your followers are my followers to, then when you give out names it kinda defeats the purpose.

    I'm not like... mad or anything. Just sayin'. :)
    I love you!

  3. It sounds like you and Bleah had a blast, Jocee!

  4. What an adorable blog you have! i found you through Bits and Pieces, and it made me so happy.
    Keep up the awesome blog!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! And yes, sisters do count as pets. Er... they're as much work as pets, anyway! ;)



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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