*turns to little sister and makes monster face* um, yeah, this is MINE

song stuck in my head: "broken glass" by robbie shapiro from "victorious"
GUESS WHAT MY DAD BROUGHT HOME TODAY?!!? CUPCAKE MIX!!! *starts rockin' out to "whip my hair" by willow smith (that song has really grown on me)
So, my sister begged me to let her decorate a cupcake. Look what went down:
Joy: can I decorate a cupcake? pweez, sisser, pweez?
Me: Nah...later.
Joy: but later will be after you ate 'dem all. I'm not that dumb. 
Me: hahaha...yeah...
Joy: PLEASE?? I pronunced it right! 
Me: Lord have mercy on me....
Joy: pweez?
Me: okay, fine.
Joy: YAY!! And affer 'dis I'm gonna go listen to layee gaga and sing the "move it move it" song.
Me: ahahahaa....no you're not.
Joy: yes I am *rolls neck like Clair Huxtable*
Me: I feel sorry for our future grandkids. Instead of getting to listen to Michael Jackson or Journey, they'll be stuck in the Back to the Future days listening to Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Justin Bieber. 
Joy: Ke$ha? Who's "ke$ha"?
Me: Ke-dollar sign-ha. That's the way all the cool kids say it.
Joy: .....
Yes, you can commend me for being awesome. Now, moving along to show you my cupcakes!!!!
The first five are mine, and the sixth is Joy's:
This is a really good picture if you ask me. That's my camera when it's sober. 
That's a blog challenge worthy post if you ask me. LOOK HOW CHESSIN' CLEAR THAT IS?!?!
Not bad...it reminds me of the snow all my northern blog friends have. They're one step closer to Narnia than me. DON'T YOU TOUCH MY PETER PEVENSIE!!
I REALLY REALLY like this one. It's actually a close up. Wow. It's reallyreally good. Not good compared to everyone else's but good.
Blame Joy for it being so....scruffy. That's all I have to say.
Okay, I tell you the truth, THIS WAS CLEAR ON THE CAMERA!!! Pretend it's something the good people did. Pretend it's clear and pretty. Just do it.
This is what happens when my sister decorates a cupcake and I turn around for ONE second. Yeah. Oh, well! CUPCAKES!!

*starts singing the "cupcake song" originally sung by that girl who did the bisquick commercial, except hers what blueberry pancakes. yeah...i like cupcakes better*

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  1. bahaha: i whip my hair back n' forth... BOO YEAH!! :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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