why i love narnia so much. *dun dun dunnnn* the truth comes out!!

So, a friend of mine asked me why I love Narnia so much, so I decided to tell her. And y'all. Now, why do I love Narnia so much? Okay, I'm gonna tell you in that really cool...nerdy-ish font.
I love Narnia because....
  1. Aslan represents Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice he made on the Stone Table was what Jesus did for all of our sins on the cross.
  2. It's creative. C.S. Lewis's mind is awesome. I would give alot to see his brain. Seriously. 
  3. The animals talk. Who can argue with that?
  4. It's beautiful. Out of this world beautiful. And it is technically "out of this world" so...duh!
  5. Peter Pevensie is...*ahem* wow. Oh my goodnessness wow. Beautiful...so, so beautiful.
  6. Caspian is...*ahem*ahem* ohhhhhhh....his eyes make me melt.
  7. Edmund is sooo cute!! Especially in the second one. Somebody grew up!!
  8. Susan and Lucy are so pretty!
  9. Lucy's heart was in the right place, therefore she got into Narnia. I love her soo much. 
  10. They have swords. VICTORY!!!
Now, my friend also asked why I love Peter Pevensie so much. Um...yeah..there's alot of reasons about that too, but the cute part was listed above. Well..let's see, I'll start at the VERY beginning. 
I first saw the first Narnia previews back in July of 2005, but then I didn't really pay attention to the actors/actresses. They, I saw the movie on December 9th, 2005, the first day it came out, and I fell in love. Okay "luv". But still! I started searching, and eventually I knew alot about him. Or atleast, what I think alot. 
Then Prince Caspian came out. OH HE GREW UP!! I like his British Accent (which by the way I'm trying to master one!!) and...yeah. 
Three, he's really sweet. How do I know this? Because on August 9th, 2009...it was the bestest day of my life. Now, I have a twitter (it's under my stage name, Sandra E. Taylor) and so did he, way back when before Twitter suspended his account, because they "thought" he wasn't the real Peter Pevensie. Nice move, twitter. I still haven't forgiven them. Okay, back to subject!
He said one day and I quote:
(I had to post this picture. I couldn't resist.)
William (because you BETTER know his real name by now): "Just finished reading everybody's tweets."
(This isn't me, but imagine who good those would taste!!)
Me: "So, you actually read everyone's tweets? As in the 2,051 people who follow you?" (Yes, I knew his exact amount of followers, don't judge me.)
(KILL HIM!!! Sorry. I had to.)
William: "I read everyone's. :)"
HE LEFT A CHEESIN' SMILEY FACE!!!! OMG!! So yeah, that also set it off. I got a celebrity reply from...wow. Yuh-huh. And I have to say, I LOVE the Narnia books and all, but remember this:
Yep, so that's why I love Narnia. I'm cheesy, and stupid right? No interesting reasons why I love Narnia, or death-defying reasons. I'm just a girl with a passion for talking animals and majestic lions, high kings and swords. Nothing special. It's just me. 

"I be who I be, and that would be me."
     -my rockin' awesome tea lovin' clair huxtable mommy



  1. fact: I am in love with Skandar Amin Caspar Keynes. I am unashamed of my fangirling. He grew up so much in the Dawn Treader :) ahhhh Narnia just makes me happy.

  2. All VERY good reasons to like Narnia....especially 5, 6, 7, and 10. *laughs* I sure hope they make the Silver Chair!!! I'm DYING to know what Jill Pole is like!!


  3. Oh yeah---and it's pretty darn awesome that William tweeted you back!!! How sweet. (:

  4. You're so fun, Jocee. Loved this post! And I love that first picture of William! Haha!! So great.

  5. Ohmigosh I LOVE narnia!! :)) Cute blog btw! Cute name.

  6. I.can.not.believe.you.got.a.tweet.from.Will.
    Like, I am in shock.

    OHMYWORD YOU ARE SO-OOOOO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But, my all time fave is Skandar. I.Love.Him. So much. :)
    So ya.... and btw, those are the bestest reason to love Narnia. Swords rock....Aslan rocks.... and Narnia.... Oh sweet, wonderful Narnia.


  7. I am fictionally engaged to Caspian. And I will not share. *hugs Caspian protectingly*

    1. haha, whatever, take caspian. but peter will always, ALWAYS, be mine. ;)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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