why i love quotes...

Someone asked me how I come up with so many quotes (she also said "wicked sweet"), and I thought I'd tell everyone my answer:
I don't know.
Every time I save a picture onto my computer, I name it something that I made up, that doesn't really have to do with the picture. For example:
I named this picture "tugging at my....". I know it doesn't make sense now, but I actually use more than one picture to say a message. Look at this next picture:
I named this picture "heartstrings". It makes sense now, doesn't it? "Tugging at my heartstrings". I doubt I made that quote up, but I think It's cool how you can name something that sounds random and uncalled for, and turn it into something beautiful, and unexpected. 
Like, I just had a dream. About William Moseley. Yeah....*sheepish smile* okay it was more of a blogger dream, where just about everyone I knew from blogger came and met up someplace, and we played games and ate cupcakes and talked, and then the person who organized the whole thing said, "the special someone you have on your sidebar...he's here." and guess who walked in the door.
(i may be in love with Peter/William, but I DIE every time I see this picture)
(serious face...oohhhh)
Bleah got Adam Young, Lily and Katie got Skandar Keynes, and Anna and I got William Moseley and so on. It was funny and awkward for Skandar and Will because there was more than one girl who liked them. Haha. Anyway, we all pretty much fangirled on them (they didn't mind, but Bleah was actually the only person who didn't scream her head off [i lost my voice kinda] she just...couldn't talk for awhile. A long while) So, while the others were hanging out with their crushes, Will spend time with both Anna and I, and he said that he had a girlfriend that he said was falling in love with. (please note, this is a heartbreaker dream, kinda, just keep reading) He showed us this ring which was gold with a ruby in the center and two diamonds on the sides (that's the kinda ring I want when I get married) and I said "aww!!" and "let me see". He told me not to drop it and I tried it on...and we had tons of fun until they all had to go. 
Yeah, when he left (I got a HUGE hug) I kinda sat down again and started crying..so Lauren  asked me what was wrong and I said "You know when he said 'I have a girlfriend and I want to propose to her' and I said 'awww!!'? That was masking the sound of my heart shattering into innumerable pieces, that ascended into outer space, attaching themselves onto mass forms of light...but my heart would never be able to be put together again." Now, please don't ask where that quote came from, but everyone pretty much started crying with me, except Anna and Bleah who lost their voices to shock. 
Anyway, I freaked out when Will came back in, and he was crying and said "I feel horrible." and I had stop crying and asked why. He said, "The whole girlfriend thing wasn't real. I just made it up, to see what would happen. One of the reasons I came here, was to find someone who was..different from all the other 'fangirls'." Cliche, I know!! But cute, all the same. Okay, then he said (alotta "he said" "she saids" huh?) "I wanted to find the girl who didn't immediately ask me to marry her, I wanted to find the girl who said 'aww!!' instead of 'I'm going to kill that chick' when I told her, I wanted to find the girl who was brave enough to put the ring on her own wedding finger just because, I wanted to find the girl who's heart was broken after I left." I freaked out. You have no clue.
Anyway, then he said, "Jocee, you're such a crazy cupcake lover. And you're such a fangirl." and I said "Thank you I feel so much better about myself." anyway, he said I was..just..different..-insert crazy fangirl scream here- and I asked what he'd do with the ring. He asked "Do you want it?" and I'm like..."um...YEAH??!" and he gave it to me and I put it on my wedding finger (only for a second) just because...
Yeah..just because. 

Anyway, that was my dream...-insert gaffaws all over the place- cute, huh? I think it was cute. I woke up sobbing. (Happy sobbing). I loved that dream. And now I leave you with one last picture:
You were expecting a picture of Peter? Hahaha *Cracks up at you* I'm going to go decorate the cupcake I have downstairs!! Byee!!


  1. *laughs* Jocee, that picture of Edmund tugged at MY hearstrings. ;)
    Dude, that is such an awesome dream!!!!!! I totally love that you told us about it.....thanks so much! *hugs*

    Love always,

  2. I mean, Skan was really in love with me, he just didn't want to break Lily's heart.

    ...he proposed after the blogger party. the wedding's on October 3rd in 2015 (my half birthday. how cool is that?). William is gonna be the best man. we're honeymooning in Ireland, and we're gonna live in London and have four kids named: 1) Skandar Amin Caspar. 2) Lucy Katherine. 3) Edmund Peter. and 4) Alice Elizabeth. it's legit. ;)

    btw, thank you SO much for the sweetsweet comment on Bleah's post. I would love to meet you too. :)

  3. Haha that was so adorable! I'll bet you hope it comes true ;)

  4. Lily, I know right!! I hope it comes true :))
    Katie, WHOA. You really have it planned out! *ahem* Can I be in the wedding? I'll after all probably be married to William by then. We'll be married on either May 16th or August 18th (whichever's on a Sunday in the next several years) and we'll have three or four kids. 1) Charlotte Isabella 2) Jennette Michelle Ariana 3) Hayden Douglas 4) Christian Gregory (still thinking about his middle name) So cool!! And you're very welcome about the comment :))
    Emma, YES I DO. 'Nuff said haha :))
    -Jocee <3

  5. Ha. Ha. Ha. This post made my DAY. I seriously loved your dream. I would put someone on my sidebar too, but I seriously don't know who it would be... okay, okay. Probably Peter or Edmund, truthfully. The problem is, I really like all of them - Peter, Edmund, AND Adam Young! xD Hmm. I'll have to think on that.

    Oh, and I'm following you on Twitter! I don't remember how I found your twitter name but I think it was because you told someone (maybe Ara from Shilah?) your twitter username. Anyway, I'm lovehascome. Nice to meet you. ;)


  6. Hello!
    That dream is soooo awesome! I like love it. I wish I had a dream like that. and uhh that picture of Edmund is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! xD

    Grace Pevensie


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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