the world of "isms"

song stuck in my head: still "on my own" by the glee cast
Now, if you don't know what an "ism" is, then I'll tell you. Okay, so you have a name, right? Duh. So say you're name is Jocelyn. That's my name. Haha okay moving along... Say I make up a word, or say a phrase or do something that doesn't exist. I call it a "Jocelynism". Get it? So if your name is Leah, you have a "Leahism". Kay? Cool.
Now, my lovely-happy-painful five year old sister and my dad and I went to one of my "Extra curricular" activities yesterday. It's called "Teen Court" and it's an actual court where teenagers run it. They're the attorneys, balliffs, clerks, and even the judge! We do real court procedures and we represent actual teenagers who've committed an offense, and we clear it off of their record. That's the gist of it. 
Now (I say "now" alot don't I?) I was the clerk for this court session, and my dad and sister were outside the room watching. When we got home Joy went to my mom and screamed, "MOTHER, MOTHER, SISSER WAS A QWIRKLE TODAY!!!" she meant "clerk". Hahaha...oh Joy. 

Yup, so that's what an "ism" is. Got it? Okay. Good. Now, do you think I should do a 365 day challenge? I'm not sure. I'll think about it, but you can comment and tell me your opinion!!

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