an awful lot of swooning...

song stuck in my head: "that's what i'm here for" jason castro. 
things i realized i've been doing alot lately:
  • swooning. it's actually become a habit of mine. whenever i see something i like i swoon. and i really like this picture
  • i've been looking at alot of vintage things lately. and i've had a very random but very big interest in my typewriter. (i have one, isn't that awesome!?)
  • eating cupcakes/dreaming about eating cupcakes. the latter over the former actually. i eat cupcakes alot, don't get me wrong, but i just can't stop thinking about them.
  • camera shopping. i haven't decided what kind of camera's i'm getting yet, but i know the really big fancy one (sorry, i'm not camera savvy yet) is going to be a Nikon. i might get a Nikon point and shoot, too, but if not, then...oh, my, goshbubbles. it's going to be one string cheese of a ride. 
  • editing pictures/finding ways for them to look better. i just discovered lightroom 3 (which is what carlotta [pastor's girl ponderings] uses) and i'm using the trial for it, trying to figure ways for my pictures to look more...i guess you could say professional. it's working, too :P
  • wishing i had scrabble. i have scrabble junior, but that's NOT scrabble. more like...plastic spelling games for people who know not what they're missing.
  • googling alot of things. ya' know? i just have. not sure why. but i have.
There's alot more that I'm too lazy to fill in right now, ya' know? I say "ya' know?" too much don't I? I use too many question marks actually. So, I have a few announcements. And they're all very exciting!! Yayzerz! (that's a new phrase I came up with)

  1. I'm getting a BRAND NEW cupcake filled CUSTOM blog design!! It's going to be made with love by Fine and Dandy Blog Designs. (Don't you just love the word dandy?!) So, by the end of April this blog will be prettier, more pink, with cupcakes and dictionaries!! Isn't it happy? Yay!!
  2. I've decided to end the poll "What should I name my photography" and I've decided to go with "oh, goshbubbles" photography. I'm still learning, mind you, and oh I'm so happy!
  3. Okay maybe there were only two announcements..but then again here's another: I love cupcakes!
 Also, here are some pictures I edited with Lightroom 3 and they are AWESOME!!
I think they're awesome pictures, don't you? I think so. 
things to do:

  1. feed Joy lunch
  2. stop typing with this font
  3. figure out how to make a watermark for my photography
  4. finish watching William Moseley interviews (or anything that has to do with him, period)
  5. watch Robin Hood
  6. Don't forget to take tennis shoes (which aren't really for tennis) to swim practice


  1. I really like that type writer pic too! You have one? Do you actually use it? :) Great photography, looks awesome! And looking forward to your new design!

  2. Oh I love the pictures! I am on a camera hunt as well. I need to make some cash first though.:0

  3. great blog..I love all the pictures that you post... I especially love the top one and the vintage typewriter. did you take the latter?
    cool bog, keep it up!

  4. What 'bout Peter Pevensie???? Hehe just thot of him instantly when I saw the title of this post in my dashboard. I was like, "Oh, betcha its another "Peter Pevensie/William Moseley" post. LOL

  5. Not sure if you already found this etsy shop but I have one featured on my latest blog post and she does lots of cupcake stuff!

    BTW love the typewriter pic kinda wana steal for my background..

  6. :O
    You have a typewriter?!?? LUCKY!!!! I love them, especially pretty ones. (:

    And swooning is so much fun, right? And only teenage girls can get away with it....gotta love that.


  7. Ooooh I just loved this post. <3
    And girl, I'm a swooner too, so I getcha!!
    Also, your pictures are gorgeous.
    Another thing, you should totally not finish watching William Moseley. That'd just be like, sad.
    Plus, "Oh goshbubbles" =yay!! I love that one.
    Oh, and one more thing, I'm so excited for your new design!! I'm sure it shall be lovely <3
    Okay, I'm done now ;D
    ~Lauren :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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