if i were you i would kill me now...*hyperventilates*

*screams, faints, dies* Oh, well in that case you didn't have to kill me...ANYWAY..
Katie over at Beauty Like A Kaleidoscope had commented on my blog asking me if she could have William Moseley's (Peter's Pevensie) Twitter so she could um...*coughcoughstalkcough* follow him. Well, unfortunately for the both of us (I have a Twitter and so does she) SOME MEANIE ON TWITTER GOT HIM SUSPENDED. Oh, cheeseballs to the goshbubble! I'm still mad about that. You have no idea...seriously. 
So, she got me looking around on Twitter..and out of..*ahem* plain innocent curiosity (which killed the cat by the way...but I am NO cat!) I searched his name...well..I found this article (it was posted on the 31st so this is no April fool) and it was titled:
Friend, Date or Marry William Moseley.
And it had a lil' summary of his acting career, and I found out SOME NEW FACTS ABOUT HIM!!?!??! OH. MY. GOSHBUBBLES!!! I can't believe I didn't know this before! After seven years you'd think I was married to him by now...MOVING SWIFTLY ALONG...
It turns out and I quote:
"William will soon be starring in a new movie “A Great Education,” along withBen Kingsley and Emma Roberts. The release date is still unknown. Two of his favorite activities include rugby and football and his favorite candy is Cadbury chocolate! His favorite fashion designer? None other than famous American designer Marc Jacobs."
So, that means, he's stylish, has a new movie coming out (I knew THAT though) and he likes rugby and football. Now...um..which football? There's Football, and soccer. Which one? Hello? Seriously, I need to know. What on earth is Cadbury chocolate? Interesting..I'll have to get on Google later...
OHMYGOSHBUBBLES I'M SUCH A STALKER!! *hyperventilating* I need to stop! But I can't!! Oh, I forgot I had a dream last night! A really cool dream. And it was cool. I just said that...nevermind.
The Pevensie's and I (I was in Charlotte image, or I looked like her..same difference...whatever) somehow got onto the Dawn Treader and things happened (and before I go on let me say Caspian's hair was AWESOME!) Everyone was partying for some reason and then after everyone went to bed Peter and I stayed awake while the crew took shifts and rowed the boat towards the sweet water and lilies... I guess I'll do this in writing form.
The stars had been glistening in the night sky for several hours now. The night on the Dawn Treader found me resting against the railing of the ship, gazing into the sapphire sea that shone the moon's reflection. My hair was held up by several ivory pins embedded with the head of a lion, and I was dressed in one of Caspian's outfits; an white linen shirt and indigo blue breeches. All was quiet, except for the steady rowing of the crewmen below the deck. 
I enjoyed the night. It was solemn. A sanctuary. All of its being praised the one who created it, though most of the night was dark, only lighted by the sun's reflection off of the moon, if the moon was visible. The stars were immense in the darkness surrounding them, and I could see them twinkle. They were more radiant in Narnia than in England.
"Enjoying yourself?" I turned sharply to find Peter walking towards me. The familiar smirk was etched into his features.
"I was..." I turned away from him, fixing my gaze on the stars.
"No matter how much you don't like it, I am your king, and you'll have to show some respect to me." his tone deepened; it was firm. It startled me. 
"You're no king." I turned in his direction and started to walk away, "you're not even a man."
"You may think Caspian's still in command of this ship," his voice stopped me. "But I'm still High King."
Silence was my only answer. 
"I've seen so many things you can't even fathom," he went on. "I've seen balls, galas, people dying. You couldn't imagine any of those things. With your imagination, anyway."
"Imagination?" My eyes widened, "I believed Lucy in the first place, and that's how I got here."
"Yes, but you're turning into Susan. You have to have everything perfect. You have to have someone help you with everything." He retorted.
"I watched my mother die! I watched her kill herself slowly after my father went missing in action from the war! I've seen things that I can't repeat. I've seen people die both here, and in England. You can't tell me I can't imagine any of those things." Tears pooled up in my eyes, I strode to the railing again, and braced my hands against it. 
He heaved a sigh. "I'm sorry..."
"The High and mighty King is apologizing? I'm surprised. He must have a weakness." I stood stock still. The only thing that moved was my heart. 
I could hear his footsteps come closer. Closer, closer. The sound of his breathing sent goosebumps shooting up my arms. 
"Why do you wear your hair up like that?" His fingers lightly brushed my dark brown hair. "It's much prettier down..." he proceeded to slowly take the ivory pins out of my hair. With one fell swoop the pins sailed through the air and landed in the water. 
I gasped lightly, biting my lip as he turned me towards him. I felt a shock dart through me as his hand found my cheek, brushing a stray strand of hair behind my ears. His azure blue eyes burned into mine and I couldn't help but feel my stomach drop.
"You're my weakness."
Then my sister kicked me and therefore I have been having stomach pains for a day. But, the dream was TOTALLY worth-it. Yes, it was very...sad...but ROMANTIC!! OMG....just think...Peter Pevensie/William Moseley and ME!! If you start gagging I might have to save Emma Roberts from the lightsaber. And you don't want that. At all. 
Oh, I totally forgot! So, today in my saturday morning daybook post, I said I was looking forward to helping my friend Lizzi create a blog. I did it! After walking her through all the steps, and designing the header and button, etc, I finished! So, drop by:
And follow! (YOU BETTER FOLLOW!) Anyway, if you have any cool dreams, tell me! Seriously...my friend's been having dreams about Aragorn...although they've all been rudely interrupted...speaking about rude interruptions...my interview/guest post with Joy...we'll see...hopefully next week...I'm afraid of her right now. 
Speaking of that...I need to stop rambling!
Nighty-night blogger pals :)) Dream about this:


  1. so sad about his Twitter. :(

    Cadbury chocolate is a British brand of chocolate. It's good. :)

  2. Oh hey, I have a twitter too :) you can find me at @overcome1496 if ya want :) aw I wouldnt mind having a dream about Aragorn, interrupted or not ;) William Moseley wouldn't be bad either ;) okay I need to stop my fan girl-ness I'm scaring myself! Haha =)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!!


  3. Lovely! I love Cadbury Eggs, which are these little chocolate that have a hard sugar shell. YUM! I don't know if that's the same as a Cadbury chocolate though...

  4. I don't know if you have ever seen Legend Of the Guardians, but one time I had this dream that me,Soren, and Kludd were trying to escape from The Pure Ones. We eventually found the Guardians, but the coolest part was when I got to fly and help them fight! It was very cool.

  5. *sighs* Oh, that was a wonderful dream!!!!! Totally made my day. *shivers*

    Love you always,


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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