i'm the only girl i know...

Who's never been to a concert. As in, a big concert. 
Who's never had a pet. (excluding my sister)
Who's never been out of the United States.
Who's never been in a tornado....
Who's never had the courage to touch a butterfly.
Who keeps on dreaming...but doesn't really start doing.
Who eats one cupcake everyday (most of which are imaginary)
Who dreams non-stop, and floats around the house with my imaginary friends.
Who's seen a basket of cupcakes at the end of the rainbow, instead of gold.
Who wants a pet lion named Aslan, who'll sleep in my bedroom.
Who's been exactly 30min from William Moseley but didn't get to see him.
Who's tried to put sugar on a bubble and eat it.
Who's tried to sweeten milk by putting syrup in it.
Who's tried to tied several balloons to my house, believing it would be lifted up into the sky.
Who's life is reduced to five lovely-happy words:
eat cupcakes
and that's how it's going to stay.


  1. I LOVED this post. Like, a ton, a ton, a ton.
    But hey, I totally want a pet lion named Aslan!! But only if I'm guaranteed that he'd be like the real Aslan and not eat me...
    And I've never been in a tornado either!!
    And that William Moseley thing is the most depressing thing ever.
    I just loved this post. A ton. ;)

  2. That was a GREAT! post!!! I loved it! I need to do meaningful posts more often. xD
    <3 <3 <3 William Moseley <3 <3 <3

  3. AWESOME post!!!! Loveeeee it!

  4. that really stinks! (about william moseley i mean) and i'm sure you'll go to a big concert eventually, as well as travel out of the U.S. as for the pet lion named aslan...haha :) well, i wish i had one, too :)

    -anna :)

  5. If it makes you feel better, I've never been to a concert either... :D

  6. I LOVED this post, Jocee!!! All the pictures were perfect.....and dude, if I had come that close to Skandar....I would have died. So you're not alone, girlie. ;)

    Love always,

  7. This post is so cute! I LOVE the pictures you used :) And thanks for sweet comment on my blog!! I'm going to follow you too! :)

  8. This was such a cute post/idea!!!!!

  9. I love this post, Jocee! Beautimous.

  10. Just so you know: I've never had a pet.
    I've never been in a tornado.
    I've never had the courage to touch a butterfly.
    AND I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Dream and then never actually do it......
    Great post! :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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