interesting how...

Someone contradicts something you believe and your blood begins to boil.
(oh, how I'd give to be Georgie right now)
I mean, yes, since Peter/William after all is a High King, we should let him choose for himself. Okay, that's so overrated. But no, it's true. You don't want to end up with the typical fangirl. But oh. my. gosh. He's so beautiful. *sigh*
(*gasp* serious face. ohhhhhh)
So, a fellow blogger friend of mine asked me what I did for William's birthday yesterday. What did I do? Alright. I'll tell you.
  • I pretended I had cupcakes, because daddy wouldn't go to the store and get some. (sorry, sweetie, I'll do it for your half-birthday, though!!)
  • Then, I sang him my version of "Falling Slowly" and imagined he was sitting next to me on the piano. I swear he had this insane blush on his face when I was finished. So cute.

  • I then watched like...ALL of the interview's he's done. And read some, too. 
  • Then, I daydreamed about the whole...blogger prom/meet-up thing (I'm actually doing that right now)
  • Then, I took him to swim practice with me (no one knows that part)
  • And we went to church together, which ended really early so we went for a drive as the sun was going down. (I didn't drive. Yay)
  • And we lied down in this meadow and believe it or not, we made conversation like little kids who like each other, while subconsciously picking wildflowers. 
  • Right when we were about to go, he kinda pulled me aside and kissed my hair and said "thanks for today." I died. Boy, did I die. Since then, I've been sitting at the window, replaying it all over, and over, and over.
Best. Day. Ever. Anyway, then today, I was on tumblr, and I saw this girl had posted something, and Bleah reblogged it. Here it is, off of my Tumblr:
the person who originally posted this said: 
"Happy Birthday, my William."
I might just be a crazy fangirl, but it really scares me when other girls do that.
Anyway, here's what I said: 
"I feel like the biggest jerkface in the world for not seeing this yesterday. And also: Happy Birthday, my darling, my stubborn, my headstrong, my opinionated, my undeniably cute High King. I love you."
*giggles girlishly* I can't believe I just did that. Did you see what I did there? Yeah. Crazy fangirl moment...*sheepish smile* Pray for me. ;)
Oh yeah! I also have this quote I made up. I guess you could call it a quote:
"I live in Texas but my heart and soul is in Narnia. Why? Because there are talking beasts and walking trees. Because there’s a majestic lion who swoops in and saves the day. Because I adore stubborn High Kings who have weaknesses we can trigger. Because I simply believed and stepped into the wardrobe. Because life on earth was too traditional. Because no one walks around with a sword in hand and bow and arrows strapped onto they’re back. Because queens don’t just travel around in sleighs offering Turkish Delight to random bystanders. Because one man had an idea, and created something far beyond anyone else’s imagination. Because life on earth was too traditional, therefore, I choose to live in Narnia."
Yes, I'm a fangirl. Yes, I'm obsessed with Narnia and William Moseley. Yes, I'll let him choose for himself, but no, I'm not going to calm down. 


  1. sigh..you put a picture of Skandar. ;)

  2. So funny, and happy b-day peter/william!

  3. You're too cute, Jocee :)
    And I loooove your quote! 'tis wonderful!

  4. Haha love both Will and Skandar but Skandar's name is cooler ha!
    --Love MCat

  5. neat! thanks for answering my question:-) Sounds like you had a buzz. if I ever meet William, i will tell him that he has to go and see you. and then you can fulfil your dream. your many dreams!

  6. That was such an awesome post, Jocee!! I am so obsessed with Narnia right now. Thats like all I post on my blog now! Will is all yours, but I am nuts for Skander!

  7. Every single one of your posts makes me smile!!

  8. Awesome post...
    Nice quote!
    Like Monica said, all of your posts make me smile...no, they make me giggle like the little girl I am. :)
    Bethany. :)

  9. I couldn't help but laugh a bit when I read this. But its cool, I daydream like this all the time! Haha! Love this post!

  10. "Right when we were about to go, he kinda pulled me aside and kissed my hair and said "thanks for today." I died. Boy, did I die. Since then, I've been sitting at the window, replaying it all over, and over, and over."

    gosh, i love that.
    i laughed a little throughout this post, but only because i was just as obsessed with that boy! ;)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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