{positively perfect week} wondrous wednesday

It's the first day of {Positively Perfect Week}! (even though it's the middle of the week) So, get ready to link up, because today is...
Wondrous Wednesday!!
This is actually really creepy because in my head I sound like a crazy enthusiast. Wow, MOVING SWIFTLY ALONG....

What's making MY Wednesday Wondrous? Well....
I had this really awesome dream last night/this morning/whatever. About William Moseley...and Hayden Christensen, and we had this really cool picnic at my church, and we bungee jumped in New Zealand.....and all these people the size of baby ants started building a lego bridge. It was really cool. Yeah. 
AND today I'm going on an Easter Egg Hunt with my sister!! Pray for me. That child is rather...hmm..how do you say it....energetic. I can't wait to get some eggs!!
Y'all go ahead and link up, grab my button and blog about what made your Wednesday Wondrous!!
You know what, out of pure randomness I'm going to shower you with cupcake pictures:
Link up, peoples!! :))


  1. I want cupcakes SO. BADLY. now.

  2. How lovely!! I'm thinking I'll definitely link up, but not post on it until tonight...so far my day hasn't been all too wondrous, but perhaps by tonight, it will have become wondrous!
    And I absolutely adore that picture of the glittery eggs...so pretty!
    ~Lauren :)

  3. I entered! I really like this idea! Very neat! By the way, I so hope that you start a photography blog!


  4. Awesome...I'm going to have to do the Wondrous Wednesday some time...when something wondrous happens, that is. And omg, whats up with all these girls having dreams about famous guys?? Last night I dreamed I went snow-boarding with Justin Bieber...weird. lol!

  5. Ahhh! You bungee jumped in NZ. There no better place to do it; seriously! Love your cupcake pictures.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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