spring writing gala {day 6 & 7}

So, I'm horribly late. I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!! Oh, Good grief okay I should start now.
So, day six's writing task was to make a video or take pictures of what you write with. No video since my camera is horrible at that. (there's that "horrible" word again)
While I do this I'm going to make some tea and try to recover from the two pranks that were pulled on me today by Carlotta and Destiny. I died. No joke. Anyway, here's what I write with:
My camera was having a really bad day today so I really didn't get good pictures, as you can see. I'm working on getting a regular point & shoot camera, then the extreme camera thing. Yeah, that's it. 
Anyway, onto day seven. Today we're supposed to share some of our writing habits. Like, what we do when we write, how we start, what inspires us, our "rituals" etc.. anyway, here I go!
  1. the first thing I do is check Blogger. That's number one. Always. Yeah.
  2. Then, I check my email (I do that about 25-50 times per day)
  3. Then my Twitter. 
  4. Then, when I'm either reading a book, or reading someone's blog, or watching a movie, I get inspired, and I open up Microsoft and churn out maybe 200 words, then stop and work on a draft I'm doing for my blog. 
  5. After that, I spend about an hour listening to various blog playlists, and then I check facebook (every week or so)
  6. I crank out another 500 words (or 4,000 depending on my mood) and then I get bored and turn on the tv. 
I'm a horrible person, dontcha think?!?! Oh, my dad just came back from the grocery store (thank God I was about to starve!!) and he says it's-- (hold on lemme change the font)
Dear people who have snow:
You meanie!
Okay, I'm done. Byyee!


1 comment :

  1. 90 DEGREES?


    I am so jealous. Today it was 75 (*gasp*above50*gasp*) and tomorrow it is going to snow.

    I die. And cry.

    I'll gladly switch places with you, Jocee!

    Puh-leeeeeese? :)



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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