*tears* my baby's growing up!!

Wow. It kinda looks like I steam pressed it with a giant typewriter or something....ANYWAY....
Get ready, because this post is going to have ALOT of fangirl-ness. And NOW, to announce what I'll be doing for Will's birthday today...
I'm going to be posting alot of facts about him that I know. And I know ALOT. Atleast I HOPE, since Anna loves him too, and you never know WHAT could happen. MOVING SWIFTLY ALONG...
So, let's get started!!
William Peter Moseley was born on April 27th, 1987. His dad's name is actually Peter, and he handed it down to Will by middle name. That's so cool, don't know you think?
His first really big [actually lead/co-star/whatever] role was the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but he'd been an extra in the movie "Cider with Rosie" and had an uncredited role in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips". 

So, I guess you could say after these two small roles he was joined up with three other people (Anna, Skandar and Georgie) to re-make the Chronicles of Narnia. 
His nickname is sometimes "Wizzle", but I call him "Will" (and I don't even know the guy! but hey, I have hope)
Anna and I were talking the other day and she said that he and Anna Popplewell dated for a little while. I'm going to pray it's a rumor and go on with life...
Aren't they the bestest brother and sister?? How could they...*ahem, coughing* go....*clearing throat* oo--out. 
You could say after the first movie I fell in love, and proceeded to check Wikipedia, and Google and IMDB for ANYTHING William...it actually didn't stop. Okay, maybe it did for a few weeks because I had a crush on...I forgot. That's how important Will is. 
And, you know, three years go by, and a few days before Prince Caspian comes out, Will, Ben, and Anna are on the Rachael Ray Show. DUDE THE GUY GREW UP.
You know I started fantasizing...oh...Lordy...
Time goes on, he grows out his hair, cuts it again, grows it out and shows up at the Teen Choice  Awards with Emma Roberts. 
You know I HAD to find out why he was there. The Pevensie's wouldn't show up at an American awards show unless there was something happening in the future for their film career. 
Yeah, so now, he's going to be in this movie called "A Great Education" after being attached, and then, unattached to the movie "Ironclad". 
(had to post this picture. Had to.)
Last night, I was watching that new tv show called "the Voice" (out of anger because they cut my Biggest Loser short) and that show is really addicting....ANYWAY, this couple sang the song "Falling Slowly" from that movie "Once". I admit I haven't really heard that song, but I re-wrote the song. Isn't that weird? I think so. 
I basically re-wrote the song and made it into a big poem about this woman who's in love with a man....but they're not together. It's like they're an "almost" in her dreams, but then she wakes up. Or something like that....I think. 
SO, thanks to "the Voice" I dreamed about William Moseley last night. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!??!!
Their expressions and thumbs up make it VERY awesome! Lol, okay, I need to stop.
So, I was at another one of those blogger proms/private convention things with all of my blogger friends, and you know, all of the girls favorite actors/crushes showed up. 
So, y'all decided to do a little...I wouldn't say survey, but you decided to observe a day in the life of one of your fellow bloggers. I got chosen. Of course I did.
So, I was just playing around, and then, the song "Falling Slowly" came on..I kinda started singing alot to the first few lines and then started changing the lyrics, until I re-wrote the whole song.
Lauren asked me who I'd dedicate the song to, since you know songs should be dedicated to someone, don't you think? And I said...no one really. And she started laughing...haha...and then Will got all curious, so I was in the spotlight. Oh..joy.... I just said it could be for anyone and we kinda went back to the hotel (we took up a WHOLE hotel, how cool is that??!) and I was sitting on the deck near the pool at night, and guess who just HAD to come out...
He kinda started asking me saying, "So if you could pick any guy to dedicate this to, who would it be?" and I said, "No one in particular, why?" I was kinda thinking..oh Good Lord...not now...
he said "I don't know, you tell me." and I kinda got to the point and asked "Do you want to be the guy I dedicate this to?" he kinda smirked and sat next to me, and said "It's your decision, of course, it would be a great souvenir for this trip to America." then we kinda started talking about how great our food is. Whoop!! Barbeque for the win! Okay, okay, I'll keep going. Then somehow we got back on subject, and eventually I said "Goodnight, Peter." And he left. 
You know how....remorseful-ish I felt? I'm not one of those girls who says "marry me" on the spot, I want him to romance me....very..slowly. 
ANYWAY, I sat down and wrote down Will's name in the dedication spot-type-thingy-whatever, and I heard a voice say "I knew it."
Then the dreams switched. MY DREAMS ALWAYS HAVE TO END LIKE THIS!! Oh, whatever. 
Maybe in a different post I'll show you my version of "Falling Slowly". 
But until then:
Happy Birthday William. I am smitten....


  1. This is adorable. I just love you Jocee, haha! You make my days brighter. And happy birthday William!! :D :D :D

  2. HAHA! I LOVE your cute little addiction of him. I DO think he is cute but he is all yours. :)

  3. Oh, my... this post made me laugh and smile.

    Happy Birthday, William! You won't find a bigger fan than Jocee anywhere!

  4. happy birthday will! this post is pure laughter and fun. great job. what did you do for his birthday?

  5. ha, this was a coowall post!!!!
    I loved your dream. Be sure to post more dreams!!


  6. Oh Happy Happy Birthday, Will!!! Good gravy, 24!!!! Wow.

    Jocee, every single post you do always makes me smile. Only three more months till Georgie's SWEET SIXTEENTH!!!! :)
    Love ya,

  7. Love this post!!! He's so daggum cute. Happy Birthday to himmmm! I bet he had 2 dozen *~*{cupcakes}*~* to celebrate for his birthday.:) :)

  8. Awww ur so darn cute!! You should totally meet him! I'd be so happy for you if you did...Georgie {is that 'Lucy's' name?} is so pretty!

  9. Haha!! He's way cute, but for some reason I've always liked Skandar better... or any boy with a British accent, for that matter... ha. :) Plus I LOVE Georgie as an actress. She's gorgeous!
    --Love MCat

  10. Monica,

    yup, Georgie Henley played Lucy Pevensie in the Narnia movies!!! She's my all time fave actress, and I am in love with her... but NOT in a weird way, if ya catch my drift?!?! LOL

    And I LOOOOOVE Skandar Keynes!!! He's totally awesome. :)

  11. oops I missed his birthday...I was busy celebrating my little sister's birthday on the 27th! That's so cool that they have the same birthdays :) Happy Belated Birthday to Will!! I hope/pray that you stay on the right road :)
    love this post! :)



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