teenagers VS young adults: Bleah Briann

This is the second interview for my blog series:
And I got alot of feedback from yesterday's post. Today, it's our very own Bleah Briann's turn, and I hope you like what she has to say (I do). So, I give you, Bleah.
Teenagers VS Young Adults: Bleah_ _
What's your name? Bleah Briann :)
How old are you? 16
What's your favorite color? I have alot... right now I'm into yellow. 
What is a teenager to you? Someone between the ages of 13-19.
What's a young adult to you? Someone between the ages of 20..and maybe 25 or 26. 
Do you think teenagers have to be moody and rebellious just because that's the "status quo"? No. I think that children, young adults, adults and the elderly choose to be moody and rebellious all the same. The fact that you choose not to shows maturity. And maturity has nothing to do with how many years ago you were born. 
Do you think young adults are "party animals" and take advantage of their freedom too much? No. Personally, I think that the whole "young adult" lifestyle is completely stereotypical and I think that honestly, very few young adults are interested in wasting their life away like that. Most people that I know want something more purposeful in their lives. 
Do you wanna be a teenager or a young adult? Haha, I wanna be me. Right now I'm a teenager and I want to be the best teenager I can be. In a few years, I won't be a teenager anymore. Whoever I am, wherever I am in life, I just want to be me. I want to be the best I can be. And I want to be how God intended me to be. :)

Wow. That was good, don't you think? I loved it!! You should go check out Bleah's blog if you haven't. But if you have, why don't you just check it out again. 



  1. eep! Thanks Jocelyn. :) I feel so special to be interviewed. I'm pretty sure this was my frist interveiw...


  2. That was great! This is such a great series.:)

  3. Aww, loved this! I love Bleah!

  4. Good interveiw!!!!! I loved Bleah's answers. Very original,.


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