teenagers VS young adults: Jocee

So, today's the last day of this blog series (for now) and it's my turn to answer the questions. It was a great week, and I'd like to thank everyone who I interviewed. *nostalgic moment, clapping* And now, I give you my interview:
Teenagers VS Young Adults: Jocee_ _
What's your name? Jocee :D
How old are you? 14
What's your favorite color? Sunshine Yellow and Gray and Lavender Purple
What is a teenager to you? During this week I've begun to rethink the meaning of a teenager. I used to think, honestly, that a teenager was a person between the ages of 13 and 19 who lived a life that was literally planned out for them by the teenagers that lived before them. It seemed like they were supposed to be lazy and rebellious and do it "because it felt good" or something like that. 
I think people get confused by the word "teenager". When it's said they have all these thoughts come into their head telling them what a teenager really is. To me a teenager is a person who is taking the journey into young adulthood. Yes, maturity matters, and I think teenagers today should know that. I also think we should change the meaning of the word teenager. (I think I rambled on a bit too much without answering the question...ooops)
What's a young adult to you? Personally, a young adult can be anyone, regardless of age. A young adult is a person who is trustworthy, polite, and mature, and I believe you can be very young and achieve this status. 
Do you think teenagers have to be moody and rebellious just because that's the "status quo"? No, I don't believe that. But some teenagers are, and I know alot of people like that. However, teenagers can be emotional at times, and it may not have to do with the "status quo" at all. As far as rebellious is concerned, I think it matters on what certain people think being rebellious is. 
Do you think young adults are "party animals" and take advantage of their freedom too much? Some young adults do things like this, but most young adults I know intend to fulfill their purpose in life. Rarely I hear them going to parties and just taking a drive with a few of their friends, they're mostly out in the world doing something. 
Do you wanna be a teenager or a young adult? Honestly? I'd like to be a young adult. I aspire to everyday. Before this blog series I honestly didn't like the people I knew who were classified as...I guess you could say "traditional teenagers". But now, I want to understand them more, and understand what they're feeling, and find out what makes them act the way some of them do. I want to be polite, encouraging, and mature, and I want every teenager to want the same thing. But it can't be done in one day, it takes several steps to do that. Right now, I'd like to be the best me I can be :)

That concludes this blog series! (For now) I hope you liked it, and I'm glad you all were responding to the answers that were said. I gotta go now. Time to get ready for the swim meet. Ugh. Pray for me!


  1. I'm glad you like Superman! I'm pretty partial to him too ;) Maybe I'll do a post about him one day...

  2. *nods* Wise answers, my friend! ;)

  3. I don't have my own barn - I volunteer at one. Well... over the last couple years I go just to hang out with the person who owns it - but I do claim 2 of the horses as mine...lol


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