you are NOT as excited as me. no you are NOT. you better NOT be.

song stuck in my head: "here comes the sun" the beatles
HOLY CHEESITUDE GUESS WHAT'S HAPPENING TOMORROW?!?!?!???!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm obsessed with "!'s" because I hate spelling out the proper word for them)
(yes, I just said that it all caps. this font looks really small right now...)
And, heh, YAH I'm totally like buying it tomorrow. I would've pre-bought it but I was too lazy. Weird, right? 
Eeekzerz I'm so excited!!
Peter's eyes just POP in this picture. *sigh* Can't you see it? Well...CAN'T YOU?!!?
Lucy and I are not-so-long-lost sisters. Since Peter and I (and William and I) are married, of course. (Don't you DARE say ANYTHING different)
I wonder if they sang the "a sailor went too see see see" song while they were making the movie. I would've. Yes, yes I would've.
Oh...my..word. His hair is so gorgeous I could just eat it. No, I take that back. I like cupcakes alot more. 
"Don't run from who you are...." this picture says alot.
The one minute and thiry-eight seconds Peter was in this movie....oh Lordy it just made me fall in love with him alll over again. When I do meet him though, I will try my best not to fangirl. Yeah, that's soooo not going to happen. It's like Darth Vader against...me. Yeah...uh-huh, I totally just forgot my point.
Peter is my favorite, but Edmund has such a lovely-happy special place in my heart. So does Lily and Katie, so this is for them, too. By the way, girls, when we meet him at the blogger meet-up/private convention, don't break his arms trying to get him. I'm sure he could use them for whatever reasons you're thinking up in your mind right now. Yeah, that's it.
This picture is soo cool. Ohmygoodness. ness.
So, I think that about covers it. Don't you think? Oh, by the way, I have this post I'm doing tomorrow and I'm going to bring up a very important subject. Remind me to remember it? Thanks. 
{pee ess:}
I don't give a cupcake about how unlikely that is, that's what! *Rachel Lynde, cough, cough* He's mine!!
Just try to contradict me. I dare you. 


  1. *sighs with happiness*
    This post totally made my day, Jocee!!! That collage of Edmund is WONDERFUL!!! Ha, I'm sure Katie and I will act like perfect, civilized ladies at that convention. *coughs* Good thing Edmund has two arms!!


  2. Oh this is a great post.:D Did you see this in the theater?

  3. YIPEE! I saw it in the theatre when it first came out but only once! Yesterday we bought it on DVD (love being Amazon Prime...they even shipped it via currier. :)! That means I can watch it as many time as I want now! You'll never be able to guess what I'm watching tonight... :)

  4. YAY!! Can't wait to get the VDT!! :)

  5. *agrees with Lily* That collage was awesome!! I like the one of all 4 of them best, though. THAT IS SO AWESOME ITS COMING OUT ON DVD! Its too bad I'm not allowed to watch it. :( :( :(

  6. well. guess who's going to England this summer? Guess who's gonna stalk Skandy?

    THIS GIRL! I'm incredibly excited. ;)

  7. So upset I can't get the DVD today!!!!! :( I want to see it sooo bad! Last time I saw it was four agonizingly long months ago! Arghh....

  8. Ahhh!
    I'm so excited. I loved it SO much. <3

  9. favorite. jocee. post. everrrr.<3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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