the colors of lightning {blog party: day two}

(Just so y'all know, I'm extending the blog party. So it'll last a little more than a week, now :D)
You know that time, whether it's spring or summer, when the rain just seems unrelentless? You're dying to go outside and shoot some pictures, or maybe you want to go swimming or hang out with friends, but the rain just won't stop? Well, it has to stop sometime, doesn't it? 
For day two of the Here Comes the Sun blog party, I'll be writing what it's like during a thunderstorm, and the first few things that pop into my head with the sunlight streams through the windows for the first time since then. It may sound kind of boring, but I think you'll like it! So, here I go:
The curtains fluttered as the wind gently pushed against them. My eyelids were growing heavy, and I snuggled under the coverlet, sending a silent prayer of thanks to God for the night, so that we may replenish our strength for the next day. I could see a dim star through a part of the window pane that the curtains didn't cover, and I smiled softly, finally closing my eyes. Sleep. Precious sleep.

There was cackling that sounded ominously around me. My eyes were open. But how did it get this way? What was happening?

Silence. Flash. Boom. It was a storm. The curtains were flying about, and the sky was ablaze with several different colors of lightning, but only for a split second. Rain suddenly started throwing itself upon the roof, the pavement, and nearly anything that would give it sound. 

I expected to hear shrieks of fear coming from my sister's room, but instead, there was silence. I pulled the sheet up to my neck and cringed. Rain.  Torrent of rain. The wind was scattered and pale blue flashed across the night sky. I hadn't known how long I was awake. I didn't remember if I had ever fallen asleep.

The flashes stopped. Apart from the splattering sounds of the rain, everything was quiet. But it was short lived. An immense crash sounded, and it rumbled away as quickly as it came, getting softer, as if it was echoing its presence here. The lighting had come back, and this time its colors were a dark purple. 

Though this storm had come unexpectedly, it didn't diminish my love for the rain in the slightest bit, but quiet the contrary, it made my love  grow even more. No matter how long the storm lasted, there was this flicker of hope that lived inside of me, and I knew that it would end all in due time. 

I heard footsteps sounding in the hallway and my mother strode into my room, closing each open window in one fell swoop. She left as quickly as she'd come, and I closed my eyes again, blocking out the sounds of the storm.

Silence. Rumble. Cackling. Silence. Boom. Silence...silence... The sounds began to fade away, and I welcomed sweet sleep again.

My eyes popped open. The covers were scattered about the end, and my yellow walls had an evident glow adoring them. Looking past the window pane, I saw the first flickers of light shine on through. 

Here comes the sun, I thought. Leaping out of bed and casting the curtains aside, I saw that the outdoors showed no evidence of the storm that had occurred the night before. But it happened. 

The house was quiet, and neither my mom, nor my sister were awake yet. I went downstairs to brew a cup of tea, and set the blinds aside, gazing into the sky.

The storm has ended, this is the morning.
Yay! Did you like it? I liked it. Anyway, your little story doesn't have to sound exactly like this, but I'm sure you get the idea. So, today's fun will be writing about the last time it stormed, and what you felt when the sun shined again. I think it's fairly simple, don't you? *sigh* I just love the rain.. But I also love the sun....
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  1. wow that picture is amazing, I love the editing on it! Is that Huntington Beach? I used to live really close to there if it is!

  2. I like the story =) And I love the picture, it's beautiful!

  3. My bad...accidentally did the wrong link up...lol. Oh well=/

    Cute story, by the way! I might just write a story about my last storm experience!:) Storms are amazing...but I think the sunshine does beat it once in a while:)

  4. That picture at the end? Yeah. That made me super happy and super jealous all at once. =)

    Have a marvelous day!

  5. Jocee, I wrote poetry... I hope that's okay!

  6. Ohh, yet another lovely post! Sorry I didn't get to this one today, since I had my 100 post thingie to do. But I shall be back on track tomorrow! =)


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