ewws and uggs (and lovely-happy things)

It's 10:05pm here in Texas, and I just finished talking to my dad on the phone, begging him to come home. You may say "aww, that's so sweet! You miss your daddy?" Yes, (and yes I call him "daddy") and there are bugs in my kitchen and someone better cupcake well get 'em OUT! My sister's talking about ambushing them with toliet paper....oh...wow...
I had to make my koolaid in the family room because I was too scared to do it in the kitchen. Stupid dumb-bell bugs: I'm glad you have no soul, but if you did, I'm SURE you'd go to hell. Offense intended.

*sigh* It's just so pretty....I know it's random, but this IS the Cupcake Dictionary, am I right? 
The lovely-happy things about today is:
  • I went to my Teen Court cookout today and took like 200 pictures with my friend's camera. She's going to send some of them to me and I'll put them on this blog :D Oh camera, camera where art thou when I need thou?
  • I'm entering this great music contest where you submit an original orchestral score and whoever wins gets there piece played at several high schools and centers in the region (in my region in Texas) by a VERY popular orchestra, etc. So, I want to win. I'm going to win :D
  • I have six cookies in the fridge, and a diet *BLECH but that's all they had* Dr. Pepper with Thor on it. Thor just makes the diet (BLECH) part better.
  • I just finished designing Rachel's blog (and you HAVE TO go over and check it out. You seriously should follow her. Her writing is absolutely spectacular. Seriously, if you're not following her, you've sinned. Badly.) and she loves it!! I'm so happy :D (alot of :D's lately, huh?)
  • Only six more followers until the blog party! So far, I have...I think two volunteer guest posters for sure. I got some requests and I need to contact y'all ;)
Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes! If y'all know any people who come and kill bugs, please tell me. I will owe you a lifetime's supply of cupcakes. Seriously, I want them DEAD DEAD DDDDDEEEEAAADDDD. Thank you!


  1. Oooooh yeah. I'm a bug-a-phobe too. My mom makes fun of me because I'll be home alone, and then they'll come home to a kitchen with cups everywhere upside down on the floor, covering bugs, because I can't kill them! They fuh-reak me out! *shudder*

  2. Oh, yay! Thank you so much for the shameless push, and for the amazing new look! You are simply brilliant, dear! <3

    Also, if people aren't following you, it's a shame and a sin.

    Also, ICKY BUGS!

  3. Happy Monday, Jocee!

    I hope that your kitchen is rid of bugs soon. *shudder*

    Love and Blessings,

  4. Ewww, I hate bugs. Especially when you're falling asleep and one's crawling up your leg. Then after you get rid of it, it feels like there are bugs everywhere. >:P True story.

    I think I gave you my email address for blogging, if not I'll give it to you once more. it's travellingstories@gmail.com :) :)

    Cupcake on!

  5. Ooh. Those bugs in the kitchen....eep. There have been several spiders crawling around my house lately too. Yikes.
    That music competition sounds totally awesome, I wish there was something like that around where I live. I'd love to hear a recording of some of your pieces :)

    Also, I am willing to do a guest post if you'd like :)

  6. what kind of bugs and I can help you come with some natural solutions for killing them... borox is a really cheap and very effective way for dealing with roaches for example.

    Do some research on the bugs and let me know.

    -Aunt Mary


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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