i'm just a tickled peach...

How lovely!! I got an award from Jamie Joyce over at Through Two Blue Eyes. I'm just honored. Thank you so much, Jamie :)) And NOW, for the tag:

Which would you prefer; carousal or Ferris wheel? Gosh, that's a good question!! Both? No, well, since I have to choose one, I'll go with the Carousal. 
A ten dollar bill or two fives? Ten Dollar bill. I don't know why, it just makes me feel like I have more money :P ;)
What is one of your favorite pastimes? Writing music. Why is it? Well, that's what I want to do when I grow up, and it's kinda become a habit now... Do you benefit from it? I think so. Musically and intellectually. 
Coffee mug, thermostat or a tall glass? Tall glass. It lasts longer. 
Stain glass windows or windows with lace? Both!!! No? Okay...um...windows with lace for sure. 
Cubed ice or crushed ice? Cubed. Atleast, that's what I like in my drinks. 
A shopping trip downtown or a picnic in the country? *gasp* SHOPPING!!! *London Tipton voice*  But then again, a picnic in the country would have so many great photo opportunities. No, because the country has HUGE bugs. Atleast in Texas. 
Would you rather sleep in a single bed or at the top of a bunkbed? Top of a bunkbed!! Yesh. 
When you marry, will your bed be super soft and large or will it have a canopy over it? Super soft and large. I don't want my husband to feel like a toddler in a princess room, tee hee ;)
What is the song you sing more frequently than others? Uh...I don't know. I'd say "Falling Slowly" from Once. And maybe the tunes to alot of John William's scores. 
What time is it right now?! 8:37am. Tee hee! *covers mouth and giggles like a little girl*
I'm just tickled peach!! Thank you again Jamie!! Oh, before I go, I got my 90th follower today!! Yay!!! Thank you!! I think my blog party will happen sooner than I thought :)) 
P.S. (Look at THIS ^ isn't it just divinity?) Should I tell y'all the dream I had last week? I was going to yesterday, but I kinda...yeah...anyway, so should I? I think I will. tee hee ;) :P


  1. this tag was so sweet!
    laugh out loud at the ten dollar/five dollar answer. great. I so agree with the lace on the windows!

  2. oh gosh, Jocee! you're just too cute :)

    and you are right about bugs being pretty big here in Texas. i've found a few ants that are like twice the size, if not more, then a regular ant ;)

    i can just hear London Tipton doing the whole *gasp thing ;)

    i love reading your blog =)



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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