it's simple. if you would like to be saved, then run. sitting here isn't going to help you.

It's time for Fangirling!! Eeek!! Day one to be exact. So, this week, you're going to see alot of....fangirling, about various things  movies  boys. I admit it, I'm not boy crazy, but, c'mon. The guys in the movies are always better!! Anyway, here I go:

why are my objects of affection worth my affection? hmm...lettuce see
  • Narnia/Peter Pevensie: think about it. It's a whole different world, with talking animals and walking trees and a humongous castle and a talking lion. Um...hello?! Not to mention the High King is a dirty blonde, with lighting blue eyes that spark rebellion, and he's stubborn, and...um...cute. ;) He's also my husband, so, I can say what I want :P
  • Star Wars/Anakin Skywalker: Battling in space, with warp speeds and a wookie who can't speak correctly, a robot who worries too much, and a Jedi who's gone bad. Well, in my fantasy, Anakin hasn't gone bad yet. And if he has, I'll bring him back! It's a captivating film series that took the world by storm, with both its music and its technology, so c'mon! How could we NOT love it?
  • Lord of the Rings: About an innocent hobbit who has this insane burden on his shoulders, and a ring that can seduce all. C'mon! How can you not love Frodo and Sam, who journeyed to Mordor BAREFOOT with Gollum on their heels going back and forth behind their backs about killing them and taking the ring. *mutter about Gollum/Smeagol* Demon. And what about Aragorn? Or Gimli! Or Legolas..*swoons* or Arwen, or Eowyn. Yeah. 'Nuff said.
  • Transformers: So, by now you're thinking "she's picked timeless films and books, and she's a great fangirl so far--WHAT??!!? SHE PICKED TRANSFORMERS?!!? What, she's going to fangirl over CARS!??!" Yeah, I am. I'm in love with Bumblebee. Sam isn't that bad looking either. But Bumblebee!!! My brother agreed to buy me a car and I told him I want the yellow camaro with a black stripe down the middle. Not to mention it HAS to be transformable. I'm serious. 
  • (one more that I just added) Cupcakes: I have been a bad girl when it comes to cupcakes lately. I mean, c'mon! They're fluffy, sweet, with innumerable flavors of icing!! Yup, cupcakes rock my world.
I'm going to be fangirling alot this week. You really should run for your life.


  1. I love Legolas! I mean, the guy's in numerous battles, and never gets a scratch.
    I love your fangirling!

  2. *running...running....running...*

    great post, jocee! look forward to more. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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