no need to say goodbye...

So, yesterday was my last day at Teen Court. It was so much fun, yet it was really sad to say goodbye to everyone. (by the way, I swore to myself I'd do atleast ONE post with my default font, so yeah)
By the way, Teen Court is real court, only it's run by teenagers. There's a teen prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, judge, baliff, clerk (my job for now :D) and a teen defendant who's committed an offense.
Depending on the offense the teen can come to Teen Court to get it wiped off of their record, and they do that by working at their local community service center and earn hours. Like, if they were sentenced with 25 hours, they have to complete that, in order for their case to be dismissed. Wow, that sounded official.
We all had cake, and gave out awards, and according to one of the directors, I'm shy with a beautiful smile. All of my friends protested and said "No, Jocelyn isn't shy. At all." It's true. I can talk you to death. I can ramble alot. I never stay on subject. OH MY GOSH THOR IS SO CUTE. See? Exactly.
We had these, only they were in plain old cake form. Darn. 
I'm going to miss everyone. We have a cookout next week but I don't know if I'll be alive then (more on that later).
I'm really going to miss Skywalker...who hates it when I call him "Skywalker" but I'm not going to call him Luke (which is his name) and he really reminds me of Luke from Star Wars. He responds to Skywalker, too, so I think he likes it somewhere under all that...irritation...
He doesn't want to be called "Leia" so Skywalker it is. He still doesn't approve. Whatever. I'm going to miss Olivia and Olivia's Nikon (I LOVE it. I'm getting a Nikon now. She's supposed to send me some pictures) and Alex and Alex's BRUTALLY AMAZING opening and closing statements and Kate and Christina and Colin (even though I didn't really get to know him that well) and Beverly and Emily and Ellen and Owen and Owen's craziness and Daniel and Daniel's craziness....and alot more people and their special traits. Oh! And Veith, and Harmony. Yeah, okay, I'm good now.
Did I ever tell you I have a friend who reminds me of John Lennon? Yeah, I call him "Lennon" sometimes. He doesn't mind. UNLIKE SKYWALKER HERE...
Okay, I'm done.
I love you all and I miss you and the hearts on this picture are all for you guys. I shall miss Teen Court.
Until September...no need to say goodbye...
P.S. I'm thinking about having a photo challenge tomorrow! Anybody think it would be fun? The theme would be "colorful". Lemme know!


  1. Hehe, I think he probably does like being called Skywalker. There's a guy in my youth group who gets called Justin Bieber because they kinda resemble each other. He insists that he hates it, but his sister tells us that he secretly loves it.

  2. wow, never heard of teen court before. are there any adults around?
    lol, love the nickname. check out the beauty photo contest + prize i'm hosting!
    the photo challenge sounds great!

  3. jocee- you sound exactly like my and my friends! seriously, I wish we knew eachother in real life. We'd so get along... we dubbed my friends with a couple nicknames too: fishy, sandy, little bro, Hulia, mum, jessi, and the list goes on:)
    sounds like you had an awesome time in Teen Court!

    And I would so enter the photo challenge! sounds like fun:)

  4. Truly, he does enjoy being called Skywalker :)
    Teen court sounds like fun! We don't have cool things here, except for Camp New Hope which is for mentally disabled kids. I'll be going next week with my brother.
    Oh, and the photo challenge sounds like awesomeness!
    Now...To find my camera cord...

  5. That sounds so cool! :) Well at least you can look forward to it for September! And yeah, I'd be interested in participating in a photo challenge!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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