a post in which i make up from my laziness

Somehow I managed to get behind on Qui's fangirl week. HOW HORRIBLE AM I?!?! Very? Oh....well...thank you. So, here are my days of fangirling. Yes, I am repenting.
{day 3: watch your favorite movies}
I just happened to have watched all of the Narnia movies in the past week, as well as finishing up the Lord of the Rings trilogy (AGAIN) and I saw the Empire Strikes Back, as well as Transformers 2. Yes, I have done well.
{day 4: fangirl confessions}
Let's see....the kookiest thing I'VE ever done as a fangirl? Well, I do like cars. So, on Saturday, when I saw a Bentley for the first time, I started jumping up and down and...well...not really screaming, but still. 
And, when I got my twitter replies from William Moseley and Nathan Kress....oh, you know I freaked out ;)
(please note: not only is Nathan Kress rather good looking, but he is also a Christian, and wears a purity ring, and is not afraid to be who he is. You could preach on that.)
{day 5: fanfiction}
I actually have an entire book idea for this, but I'm not going to put it down now. There will be more details to come on that ;)
{day 6: swoon worthy people}
Only pictures can explain this.
(I know he's not really apart of fangirling week but I just saw "Thor" and I'm hopelessly in love :P)
{day 7: your object of affection, and how it's affected you}
Hmm....that's an interesting one. Well, with Narnia, I would say simply believing. 
Yes, I have trust issues. Faith issues, too. Lucy had faith in something that she didn't know existed and well..in the real world, if you have Faith in God, you can move mountains.
Sounds stupid, and weird, right? Not to me.
{day 8: quotes}
This. Is. Going. To. Be. Fun. 
Edmund: you're welcome.
Peter: I had it sorted.
Susan: What was it this time?
Peter: He bumped me.
Lucy: So you hit him?
Peter: No. After he bumped me, they tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him. 
Yes. That. Was. Very. Fun.
{day 9: upcoming fangirl moments}
William Moseley in his new movie "A Great Education"!!! I have no clue when it comes out.
The Star Wars saga in 3D!!!
Transformers 3
Yes. Oh yes.
I have finally repented. Yay me!!


  1. No way!!!! I mean about Nathan! I knew he's a Christian and all, but, like, ohmygoodness, I didn't know he wore a purity ring! I have a purity ring, too!!!! I did know, tho, that he reviews scripts for bad language and sexual stuff, and if the script for a movie has that stuff in it, he won't take the part, even if the movie's gonna be directed by some famous guy, and the movie would make himself rich.

    Anyways, wow! Oh ya, I LOVE that part in 'Prince Caspian' at the train station. I can totally sound just like Georgie when she says,
    Lucy: OW!
    Susan: Quiet Lu!
    Lucy: Something pinched me!

    Yup. ttul

  2. http://theourskids.blogspot.com/2011/05/dr-seuss-cupcakes.html
    Since you love cupcakes so much, I thought you might like this. =P

  3. Ha,ha, that quote from Prince Caspian is pretty funny. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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