so, i just realized...

  • it's Friday the 13th
  • I don't give a cupcake
  • I think I'm the only person who hasn't been affected by this whole Blogger shut down thing...(except for my daily life...and well...life in general)
  • I have no swim practice tomorrow
  • So I can stay up late and watch "I Love Lucy" reruns and dress up like Audrey Heburn.
  • my camera really does take good pictures.
  • even if today is coincidentally friday the 13th, today is the BEST. DAY. EVER.
  • I'm having queso for dinner. 
  • Yes, I'm loving my camera right now. Examples? I think yes ;)
This is actually a hair ribbon I made after I finished school. It's made out of this old embroidered hankerchief and this piece of scrap calico-ish stuff. 
I'll post the rest of my pictures on my photography blog.
And now, by Amanda's request, I shall post some pictures of the love of my life.
The way he's staring right at that moment...oh, how I wish it was at me...*sigh*
OH. MY. GOSH. BUBBLE. LOOK AT THOSE EYES.....*gasps/sighs, swoons/faints, dies*
So, since I'm staying up late, I'm going to watch some movies. The complete Star Wars Saga, the Narnia films and Lord of the Rings are in order, what am I missing? I know I'm missing something.
Well, I'm off to get the ice cream! 


  1. more pictures of edmund are needed here! lol
    love that picture with the petals falling down:-) so pretty.

  2. Jocee,

    I love you, thank you ever so much!! Hehe, but I still like Skandy better. Even tho his personality does drive me up a wall sometimes, cuz he seems to rarely smile anymore.... I do LOVE Will's personality! There's this one interview/vid of Will & Skandar after 'PC', and they are both just crazy! So ya... :)

    Thanks again! Lovely post, btw.


  3. all the best movies in the world! :) and really cute hairbow by the way. Love it!

  4. i love Will's eyes in that last one! so gorgeous! have you seen what his hair looks like now?? its long and so yuck!! I have no idea why he let it grow out, its definitely not attractive :/ anywho, I love Lord of the Rings! =)

    much love♥♥


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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