because i'm awkwardly awesome like that

So, my mom is watching "The Voice" and Adam and this other guy who's name I don't know come out on stage and sing a Michael Jackson song. Well, my mom being....my mom, she yells: "IT'S MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!" and I bound down the stairs to listen. It turns out, I've never heard that song. But I can pull it off, because I'm awkwardly awesome like that.
And now, thanks to Dia Frampton from "The Voice" (whom I love, actually. She's such a sweet, modest girl {and reminds me of Jessica Alba}) I want to write an original song, kinda like hers. Piano ballad...soft and meaningful, and something that really expresses me.
I was going to post my White Chocolate Mousse post today, but when I made the rest of it I ate it all before I could begin my food photoshoot. Because I'm awkward and STUPID like that.

I can also post a picture of something that has really nothing to do with the paragraph above and pull it off because I'm awkwardly awesome like that.
You know, for some reason, I'm missing William Moseley. I kinda had a very sentimental dream about him last night and I'm still in tears and I need those strong arms around me again that I've actually never felt..it's so sad but hey! It makes a great song ;) :P Because I'm awkwardly awesomely random and in love like that. 
Oh, by the way, this is for Mary:
Mary, dear, he's yours, but honestly, on Tumblr my mouse button is stuck on Reblog, and I'm totally fine with that. Because I'm awkwardly awesome and totally fine with that.
Yeah. So at the end of the day I'm awkwardly-awesome-stupid-random-in love-and-totally-fine-with-that. Because I'm awesome like that.
What are you awkwardly awesome at with your own little hyphens to? I'd love to hear them ;)
Love you, dearies. Nighty night :))


  1. Haha! I watched the voice. I love Dia, she's totally my favorite. I hope she wins. :)

  2. *swoons* *swoons* *swoons* OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I just died and went to heaven!!! *giggles* Your so awesome (without the awkward)! *hugs* He's sooo cute!!!
    By the way-- I love that picture of Will juggling...it totally had me laughing! Oh and, you need to tell me about your dream...lol:)

  3. .... i want to eat those strawberries.

    *i ninja roll and grab the plate and run off*

    tee-hee. :3

  4. Hehe. To awkward awesomeness! :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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