happiness is....

  • an unexpected bowl of ice cream after lunch...
  • a book and a cup of tea....
  • nailing your brand new favorite song on the piano....
  • finding out your dad is buying a *BRAND NEW* camera....
(not this one, though :P)
  • a cup of lilacs on your windowsill....
  • the flickering lights of a ferris wheel at nighttime....
  • a million cherry blossom petals floating onto your shoulders as you take a walk in the park....
  • a dream that completely consists of cupcakes, macaroons, Peter Pevensie, and a day reading on a swinging bench....
  • playing a game of dress-up....
  • thumbling through a dictionary writing down all the sweetest words you can find....
  • happiness is practicing "i love you" in French to the mirror, knowing one day you'll say it for real to that special someone.
Tomorrow is the last day of the blog party, so link up to this!! 

Before I go, what you saw above about the camera, yes, it's true: MY DAD'S GETTING A NEW CAMERA!! Which means I'll only have to put up with the evil little troll Kodak for a few more days :D No, it's not a DSLR  camera, just a point & shoot camera. It's probably going to be a Nikon, and I was wondering if all y'all photographers out there could help me out!
By the way, I hope you're enjoying the blog party (I know I've been slacking off lately, but today we had a random power outage {in broad daylight} and I took a nap after waking up at 5:30am for swim practice) :D


  1. congrats on getting a new camera!! i want to get a more "professional" camera here soon, maybe for my birthday as a gift to myself (since i'm probably gonna have to buy it myself). :) i can't wait to see some of your pictures!


  2. Have fun! This blog party was great :) I love all your pictures

  3. To the camera... YAY!!!
    I have a little Sony DSC-W350 and it's a point and shoot. I love it! People are always telling me, "Your camera takes such great pictures!" Let me/us know what you find :)

  4. OMG, I love this post, and sweet little things you put! The pictures are so cute, and the 'happiness is' idea is totally awesome! :)

  5. happiness is...
    reading this post and becoming very, very, very happy! *squeals* Like I said I'm reallyyy jealous about you getting a new camera=/ *sigh*
    love this<3

  6. More likely preparing for a wedding. A series of preparation for a special day.

  7. omg jocee i <3 ur blog i did a happiness post on mine but its not as great as yours check it out at http://ravens-rhythmoflove.blogspot.com hope u like it post more enjoy the comment :)

  8. Lucky!! I need a new camera... Ummm..My own camera. Ahem. I love the ice cream picture and my power went out too!! It hailed and it was awesome.

  9. Lovely, cheerful, upbeat post, Jocee. Great job! :D

  10. oh Jocee, this post made me so veryveryveryVERY happy!!! Everything about it is just wonderful. (:

    looooove you,

  11. you should get a Nikon L110 {like mine} it's a really great camera and it cost around 400 I think? But I think your dad would enjoy it :) You can learn more about the camera here: http://www.nikonusa.com/Nikon-Products/Product/Compact-Digital-Cameras/26194/COOLPIX-L110.html

    I linked up!


  12. Jocee I'm so happy your getting your own camera!!! But I'm also sad the blog party's ending tomorrow thing this has been so much fun!!!
    And thankyou so much for wanting to help with blog design. I want it to look all Classical. Before the pick was of a page in a book. I would love all the suggustions I could get. For others who would love to give comments on my blog, it's

  13. You're truly amazing,TRULY. i love this blog and read it (among others) almost every day.keep being you,because it makes me happy <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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