i have a new love!

Okay, so the first order of business is to thank everyone for the lovely comments I received on my last post. It was so sweet how each of you had something encouraging and inspiring to say and I feel much better, and I love each and every one of you. I wish I could send you all cupcakes :))
And now, the second order of business is to tell you all:
And the third and most important order of business is that today, on the first day of summer, I have found a new love. It's called Shop Ruche, and it's my own personal haven. Vintage haven, that is....
This is the first outfit I would buy from this shop. Okay, instead of would buy, I'll change it to will buy. Isn't the place just too cute?!?! I'm loving the ring and hairclip...*sigh* Anyway, I also have a new hobby for summer.....(or the rest of my life for that matter)
collecting stamps
My dad got a letter in the mail from one of his old friends, and the most AH-DORABLE lilac stamp was pasted onto the envelope. I successfully removed it, and put it onto my own ivory colored envelope that I just think I might frame when it's completely full of stamps. Isn't that such a great idea? Yeah, I think so.
What are your new loves? 
Happy summer, all :))


  1. Oh, I love that place! My cousin showed me the website and I fell in love. That purse and those shoes are just darling!

  2. I've been collecting used stamps on the inside of a journal cover. it's lovely so far :)

  3. I think you need to make this one a linky-post. Because you would get some brilliant feedback on this one!

    Also, I'm sorry you had such a poo-laden day yesterday. I love you, and I'm praying for you. <3

  4. Glad to read that you feel better Jocee! :) Lovely outfit, it all goes together so well!

  5. awwwwwwwwww love the lok of that place :D :D :D
    <3 <3

  6. OOooh! I love that outfit!

  7. The outfit is wonderful. Sorry if my comment on your last post sounded harsh...I think I might have gotten upset as well. :) Sorry...

    Collecting stamps is SO cool! I started to collect when I was younger,then gave it up becasue I was too lazy to put them in a book.

    They might be worth something some day! There are these tape-like things called hinges. They make the stamp stick to the paper without ripping the stamp.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Bethany :)

    P.s. I found this book "The cupcake queen" you should check it out! :) I started reading it and it's really fun so far.

  8. oooh i sooo wanna find a shop like that where I live!!!! oh ya. :)

    ummm, hmm, well, i LOVE tumblr. my tumblr:


    is chock full of NARNIA POSTS! Yup. You should check it out. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! and leave me a lil note in my ASK BOX. u dont have to ask me anything, just say hi or somethin. THANKS.


  9. That's great! I actually thought about stamp collecting a while ago, so I might do that. But I got the COOLEST two stamps! One from Turkey and one from Africa! :D

  10. cupcakes!!! {Drool}.

    I'm checking out Shop Ruche right now!! I LOVE vintage-y-ness!

  11. You're welcome! Glad I could be of help. <3

    Have fun collecting stamps! I'd like to collect vintage postcards. If I could ever get around to actually buying one, LOL. ;)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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