lord vader, glinda, and aeropostale

So, from my last post, I'm sure you're all dying to hear about why my day was so beast. (And in reply to Beth's comment, yes, "beast" means good :P) Well, I'm here to tell you. I was battling laziness today, so this would've been posted earlier, but it wasn't. Oops.
Yesterday I went to one of my best friend's 16th birthday party. And it was *totally* beast.
When we got there, they were playing this game (the name of the game I don't know) and the object was to name something that made you go "oooohh" and everyone else had to guess what it was. I bet you know what I put down.....heh, I'll give you a hint:
So much for a hint...*sheepish smile*
And then we all went swimming. The birthday girl's name is Olivia, and we know each other from the Teen Court that I participate in. Alot of my other Teen Court buddies were there, so it made everything a good time :D By the time the sun was completely down, we were all hoarding down queso and cookies and chips and sodas, and then another game was announced, and lemme tell you:
this game was so beast.
Everyone was split up into four groups (I was in group 2) and we were given a bag of random items. The object of the game was to create a skit using all the items in the bag and all the people in your group. And the winning team got a *valuable* prize. So, I came up with our skit, and I think there's only one way to explain it. In skit form. So, why not? First, I have to tell you the characters:
lord vader: ryan
glinda the good witch: me (Jocee)
And I was *totally* rockin' this crown!!
honeymoon couple who's supposed to be in hawaii: colt and i totally forgot his "wife's" name. oops. i'm sorry!!
scotty: i forgot her name too. talk about me being a horrible person!
And now, I present to you the most random skit that you'll ever read/imagine/whatever: it has no name. I'm serious. It has no name.
Vader: *walking around the Death Star* 
Glinda: *blowing bubbles and waving her wand* 
Vader: *turns around* Who are you? What are you doing on my Death Star?!
Glinda: I'm Glinda, and well, I was fired from The Wizard of Oz - I'm sure you've seen it. 
Vader: Yes, it gives me nightmares.
Glinda: And my flight to New York was canceled, and so I swished my magic wand and now I'm stuck here with you.
Vader: Well, sucks for you! Why do you have those bubbles?
Glinda: Complimentary of the airline, since they couldn't get me on a plane. 
Vader: They're not industrial size....tsk tsk, the Republic these days...
Glinda: Yeah, in this recession, you take what you can get.
Vader: As I was saying, sucks for you!! *pulls glow stick (lightsaber) off of his neck (because he's a galactical hippie)* You shall feel the wrath of this....flimsy weapon. *throws the glow stick away and gets a lego gun* You shall feel the wrath of this lego gun!! Scotty, beam Luke up here to destroy this "Glinda" creature and complete his journey to the dark side. *Vader breathing*
Scotty: *doesn't move*   
Vader: Scotty, beam Luke up here to destroy this creature and complete his journey to the dark side. 
Scotty: *speechless*
Honeymoon couple: *enters* 
Scotty: Welcome to Hawaii. *hands them leis and margaritas* Oh! Lord Vader! Our storm trooper uniforms her at the cleaners so we stole these military outfits from those green things on Toy Story.
Vader: Who are these two people?!? What are they doing on my death star?!?!?
Husband: Honey, I don't like this Hawaii place, let's go home *spits out margarita* Ew, what is this?!? 
Vader: There's a galactic recession going on! The economy's down the toilet. You take what you can get. *shrugs* Now. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY DEATH STAR!??!?!?!?!?!?
Wife: Honey???!
Vader: Wait, why do you have margaritas in the first place?!? This is the DEATH STAR, not Hawaii!! Scotty, you beamed up these two random earth people here instead of Luke. YOU'RE FIRED!!! 
Scotty: *doesn't move*
Husband & Wife: Let's get out of here! *opens a random door and falls out of the star and into infinite space...there goes that relationship*
Vader: *turns to Glinda* So, what was your name again?
Glinda: Glinda, and you know, you have your own special disorder. It has something to do with anger. 
Vader: Oh? How nice of those random article people at Yahoo.com. Anyway, would you like to be my assistant?
Glinda: Sure! What have I got to lose? A right arm, maybe. 
Vader: *voice changes into a screamy fangirl-ish voice* OH. MY. GOSH. I was just looking at this People magazine, and Angie and Brad broke up AGAIN!!! 
Glinda: AGAIN!!?!?!?
Vader: Yeah, and I was at Aeropostale (everyone cleared out because I'm Darth Vader) and I saw this ADORABLE hot pink t-shirt with a little v-neck! 
Glinda: Did it have Justin Bieber on it?!?
Vader: Yeah!!
Together: OHMYGOSH!!!! *freaking out*
Yeah. So that's what happened. Anyway, our group won, and we got Starbucks gift cards and iTunes gift cards. Yay me!! 
So, that's what made my Saturday beast. You happy that I told you now? :) Good. Otherwise, I'll torture you with hot pink Justin Bieber-ified Aeropostale t-shirts. And I KNOW no one wants that.


  1. Best skit ever! :D

  2. Oooo...Darth Vader<3
    Hahahaha!! That skit made my day:D Sounds like ya'll had fun!:) :)

  3. The funny-ness of that skit combined with the picture of William Mosley just made my day!
    Thanks for clarrifying what "beast", over here it is usally used to refer to a large hairy animal.
    P.S Keep the Peter posts coming, although you may not want us drooling/swooning over your husband.

  4. Haha...sounds like a blast. Or a beast. Whichever you prefer. :D


  5. Sounds AWESOME! LOVE LOVE LOVE! That play is amazingly random. I now totally love that game (even though I've never played it), and I think I may have to play it with my friends sometime. If they'll agree. xD Yay for the prize, too, I <3 iTunes giftcards!

  6. that skit has to be the bestest skit EVER. i love vader's: OH.MY.GOSH. part. LOL
    Sounds like you had a blast. Ya know, i had the hardest time figuring out what you 'oooohed' on about. ;)

    just.kidding. :)

  7. can i use this for my girl scout troop????


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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